SMM2 new enemy list -All Koopalings and many more enemies for SMB1, SMB3 & SMW By: sunsoftdev101

This project started off as a simple enemy list for; Super mario bros. Super Mario Bros. 3 and super mario world. Enemies that I wanted to be included in the new Super mario maker 2. The list turned into what you see here. This was extremely long and time consuming over last month or so and I believe the project is now finished.

The Koopalings are a major part of the mario franchise and I have redesigned from the ground up the Koopalings for SMW using the SMW palette. For SMB1 I also redesigned the Koopalings from the ground up using the SMB3 koopalings as a template. For the Koopalings I have vastly increased their moveset, some koopalings even have a secondary attack. Morton hammer, Iggy Bombs, Roy Cannon. and also included Clown cars for each Koopaling. My Koopaling sprites will help people wanting to add koopalings as a boss to SMB1, SMB3 and SMW in their respected art styles and at the sametime expand the koopalings moveset.

Note-Each enemy is represented in the 3 different games. SMB1, SMB3 & SMW.

Note-Some enemies are original creations and many of those original enemies I created, for example Piranha Petey or Whomp started off in the art style of SMW and then a restricted palette was applied to the NES SMB1 &SMB3 versions. So the art style is not so close to SMB1 or SMB3.

Note-Enemies should contain all frames of animation, they should be fully realized enemies. I also added more frames of animation to many of the existing enemies I done this a lot mainly for the SMW enemies, but they also are represented in the other 2 games. Example Dino rhino can now turn, fire diagonally and even fly using wings.

Note- Some of the NES/SNES colors used might be a little off they will need to be adjusted or recalibrated.

Note- If an enemy exists from their respected game, in most cases then that is the enemy I used in their original form.

This is the list:
Big boo boss
Boo Block
Piranha Creeper
Banzai Bill/Banzai Bill Blaster
Pokey/Snow Pokey
Dino Rhino
Spike bomb
Snow Spike
Flame Chomp
Bony beetle
Buster Beetle
NEW Swooper sprite- closer to the original art style but all versions look the same
Bomb shell Koopa- from super mario Land Gameboy
Pompon Flower-from super mario Land Gameboy
Boss Bass/Big Bertha
Boom Boom
Chargin' chuck
Baseball chuck
Hammer Chuck
Football chuck
Digging' chuck
Rip Van fish
Fishing boo
Piranha Petey
Albatoss & bob-omb
Amazing Flyin' Hammer bros
Sumo Bro
Boss Sumo Bro
King Bob-omb

All the Koopalings: Larry, Morton, Wendy, Iggy, Roy, Lemmy and Ludwig

If you would like to see some of these enemies animated in a short gif to see how they would look in a game then here are some links.

Piranha creepers in SMB1 style

Snow spike, Bomb spike, and Snow Pokey in SMB1 style

Ludwig Koopa in SMB1 style.

Clubba in SMW style

Big Boo in SMB1 style

Banzai bill and blaster in SMB1 Style

Albatoss in SMB1 style

Dino Rhino in SMB1 style
Type Info
Format Sprite Sheets Sprites and animation frames saved in a static image medium.
Contents Original Sprites that are made completely from scratch.

Update History
06/11/19  Due to some feedback and a major error with Iggy in the Koopaling car being placed outside of the clown car in SMB3 and some problems with the koopalings hands on the clown car being hidden in SMB1, SMB3 and SMW. I needed to update this submission.
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Jun 10 2019, 8:33 PM
HOLY CRAP that is a long description!

Largest. sheet. ever.
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Jun 10 2019, 8:59 PM
This is the LARGEST sheet I've ever seen, so this is going to be the largest comment I've ever made.
1. Big Boo looks pretty good. I love how cute it is, plus the bandage is a nice touch. The mouth is creepy, like Boos should be. It is great! (Also I'm not going to say when it breaks the 3 color rule. It is Mario Maker not the NES.)
2. Boo Block is okay. I think it would be better to change the SMB1 Boo Block into the hard blocks of it style. Also SMB3 Boo Block looks weird when it is mid-changing.
3. The SMB1 Stingby's eyes look weird. Everything else is fine.
4. The Porcupuffer look good. I just think it is weird that the SMB1 and SMB3 has more frames than the SMW one.
5. The Piranha Creeper looks real good. I love how they look.
7. The Pokeys are good. The only problem is the eyes on the SMB1 normal Pokey.
8. The Dino Rhino is okay. I just think it is weird the you included the wings (you didn't do it for all of them).
9. The Spikes are COOL (get it... Snow Spike... cool... never mind). I love how the SMW Spikes look. By the way, aren't Bomb Spikes a Newer Super Mario Bros thing?
10. Flame Chomps are good (not much else to say, they are just circles with faces).
11. The Blarggs are good too. I like how you added turning for them.
12. Only thing I don't like about the Hot Heads is the SMB1 eyes.
13. The Dino Torches are super cute! I just think they should shoot out the fire bar fire.
14. I think the Bony Beetle should walk more like Buzzy Beetles. Other than that they are great.
15. I like the Buster Beetles. I just think their blocks aren't in style.
16. The Bullies are... cute? That is weird to say out loud.
17. The Swoopers are cute and cool at the same time. I love the redesigns too!
18. The Rexes look good, but out of style.
19. I almost missed the Twimp because of how small it was. It looks good.
20. Flurry is cute, but just looks recolored.
21. Clubba looks AWESOME! There is nothing else to say.
22. Broozer is cool, but it would be hard to put all of those frames into a game.
23. Eerie is simple, but good.
24. Bomb Shell Koopa looks kind of like mine (not the SMW one though). I like it.
25. I have never heard of a Pompon Flower, but it looks like fireworks (which is good).
26. Urchin are cool. I like their spikes... I guess. What else am I going to say.
27. Reznor is cool, but it has less frames than most of the normal enemies on this sheet.
28. Boss Bass is good. SMW looks super good.
29. Boom Boom is so cool looking. I love the now plant attacks.
30. That is a lot of Chucks. I like the new soccer and hammer Chucks.
31. Rip Van Fish is okay.
32. I HATE FISHING BOO, IT MADE ME DIE WAY TOO MANY TIMES!!! (Oh... the sprites are good.)
33. Whomp is good, but all of them are to similar.
34. OMG THE PETEY IS AWESOME!!! (I got lazy so I Ctrl+c and Ctrl+v.)
35. Don't you love it when birds nuke you. (The sprites are good.)
36. Sumo looks good, but Boss Sumo looks AWESOME!
37. King Bomb-omb looks super good, but the arms are a bit thin. I guess that's how they were in SM64.
38. I'm too lazy to say the Koopalings separably, but they are all super good.
Is it over? It is, good. I am tired of typing. This took me an hour.
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Jun 11 2019, 2:00 AM

^ That's my reaction when I looked at the description and the sheet itself. There's a lot of stuff to use here! I think some of the sprites look pretty good.
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Jun 11 2019, 3:02 PM
That Petey Piranha is amazing, though it doesn't fit the first two styles all that well. Still, that doesn't stop it from being the best custom Petey Piranha sprite I've seen. Amazing work.
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Jun 11 2019, 7:59 PM

BM44 thanks for the comment

hdtv, Wow thanks for the feedback really appreciate it, means a lot to me. I took some of the feedback you gave and have attempted to update the submission today not sure if it can be updated.

-Added more porcupuffer frames to SMW to make it more consistent with SMB1 and SMB3
-Changed the SMB3 boo block
-Changed the eyes of Stinby SMB1
-Changed the eyes of pokey for SMB1
-Changed the eyes of hot head for SMB1
-Changed buster blocks for SMB1 and SMB3 to keep it consistent within their own game world

I also added a bit more text and numbers to help explain some of the sequences of frames regarding the sprites.

Also some of the Koopalings needed a major fix with some of their hands on the clown cars. Though those clown cars with the koopalings inside should be replaced by the clown car parts.

Thanks hdtv I am really grateful for the feedback.

Q-Nova thanks for the comment, I hope these sprites help in some way, maybe they can help create new enemy boss fights in SMB1, SMB3 & SMW. Koopalings bosses in SMB1 would be great, I wish they could be included in Mario Maker 2.

EvilYoshiToes- Thanks, it means a lot to me that you like some of these sprites, yeah the Piranha Petey for SMB3 and SMB1 don't really fit the style I am sorry for that. The petey I made for SMW would need a major change to fit the art style of SMB1 and SMB3, this project has already taken a very long time.

If my update passes this will probably be my final update for this enemy sprite sheet. I hope these enemies can help others when they make new levels and new ideas for these older mario games.

There are some mario level backgrounds that I would like to upload in the future to MFGG that I also started because of mario maker 2, hope I can add them at some point.

Thanks kind regards
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Jun 12 2019, 4:06 PM
Holy frickamole, this is awesome! I can't believe the absolute amount of content you put in here, not to mention your sprites for the Bully!
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Jun 12 2019, 11:16 PM
It's so big it crashed my browser lol. I guess I'll believe all the comments that is good.
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Jun 15 2019, 2:53 PM
This is cool, but I'd like to see more originality from SMW. Right now it's ONLY recolors.
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Depressed Mario
Jul 23 2019, 10:22 PM
that's a huge sheet
1 like from: Super Toad Kun :)
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Dec 11 2019, 7:57 PM
Well, we have Pokeys, Snow Pokeys, Spikes, and sorta Snow Spikes now.
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Super Toad Kun :)
Feb 10 2020, 10:50 PM
Good work !!! sunsoftdev101 Can use this spritesheet? Please?
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Oct 27 2020, 10:09 AM
The SMB 1 and SMW Spikes do NOT LOOK GOOD.
The SMB 1, SMB3, Pokeys do NOT LOOK GOOD.
The Snow Pokeys do NOT LOOK GOOD.
The Mechakoopas do NOT LOOK GOOD.
Big Boos, Koopalings, Spikes, Pokeys, Snow Pokeys are already in the Game, you Bully!
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Jan 9 2022, 3:04 PM
YES! This has so much stuff that cant use all of it. How long did it take to make these?
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Jan 9 2022, 3:05 PM
Quote (lucyspriterandcocoslug on Oct 27 2020, 10:09 AM)
The SMB 1 and SMW Spikes do NOT LOOK GOOD.
The SMB 1, SMB3, Pokeys do NOT LOOK GOOD.
The Snow Pokeys do NOT LOOK GOOD.
The Mechakoopas do NOT LOOK GOOD.
Big Boos, Koopalings, Spikes, Pokeys, Snow Pokeys are already in the Game, you Bully!

Lol wat?
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