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[DL] Ralorche's Custom Grassland Sprites By: MisteryGX
Finally, here is my custom Grassland sprite sheet. I think this one took almost two years to finish.
Downloads: 1090
Added: 12/07/22
[DL] Espio The Chameleon in Sonic 3 style (2022 Version) By: MisteryGX
Yet another sheet that was gathering dust. It's not complete, but there's still more sprites than the previous version.
Downloads: 569
Added: 12/03/22
[DL] Ralorche's Custom Sonic Sprite (2022) By: MisteryGX
After one year (most of which was spent working on unrelated projects while letting this sheet gather dust), it's finally finished. The next character in this style I have planned is Shadow, whose sheet won't be released until 2052 at this rate. ...
Downloads: 1075
Added: 07/14/22
[DL] Ralorche's Custom Bee Mario Sprite By: MisteryGX
It's Bee Mario from Super Mario Galaxy.

That's pretty much all I have to say.
Downloads: 790
Added: 11/09/21
[DL] Ralorche's Custom Goomba Sprite By: MisteryGX
The grumpy lads. Includes Goomba, Paragoomba, Grand Goomba, Micro Goomba and Spiked Goomba.
Downloads: 1088
Added: 09/23/21
[DL] Ralorche's Custom Plok Sprite By: MisteryGX
A custom Plok sprite sheet in the same style as my Mario sprites. The limbs are separated like the original sprites.
Downloads: 1414
Added: 09/22/21
[DL] Ralorche's Custom Cheep Cheep Sprite By: MisteryGX
A realistic and slightly creepy Cheep Cheep sprite sheet.
Downloads: 1292
Added: 09/21/21
[DL] Ralorche's Custom Sonic Sprite By: MisteryGX
A Sonic sprite sheet from May 2021. It was scrapped in June because I wanted to make a Modern Sonic sprite instead.
Downloads: 2069
Added: 09/21/21
[DL] Yet Another Custom Mario Sprite By: MisteryGX
Based off Super Mario World and Paper Mario (N64). This was made for a game that I am no longer working on.
Downloads: 2716
Added: 09/21/21
[DL] Wario in Super Mario Bros. 3 (+ Waluigi) By: MisteryGX
A sort of unfinished SMB3 Wario sprite. Not all of the powerups are there, but I'm pretty sure he has all of Mario's animations. Also included is a new Waluigi that only has a few animations.
Downloads: 2412
Added: 07/01/21
[DL] Waluigi in Wario Land 4 (2020 Version) By: MisteryGX
A new Waluigi sheet I started back in 2020, like with the Mario in Wario Land 4 sprite, it's not really "finished" but I don't really have the motivation to finish it, and it looked complete enough to submit here. If you want to finish ...
Downloads: 2163
Added: 06/28/21
[DL] Underground Background + Tileset By: MisteryGX
As seen in "Essence Of Waluigi".

Features some elements from Super Mario Bros 1, Mario All Stars and Mario Maker.
Downloads: 2145
Added: 05/04/21
[DL] Custom Luigi (2021 Version) By: MisteryGX
Mario's younger brother finally enters the scene!
As with Mario, this Luigi is based off the SMBSS Live Action version.
Downloads: 2244
Added: 02/10/21
[DL] Custom Shellcreeper By: MisteryGX
If you didn't know, these enemies come from the original Mario Bros. They got replaced with spinies in the remakes because people would confuse them with Koopa Troopas. I put spikes on their shells to explain why Mario can't jump on them and ...
Downloads: 2269
Added: 01/25/21
[DL] Custom Mario Brothers Plumbing Van (Live Action SMB Movie) By: MisteryGX
I bet that you would've never expected anyone to make a sprite sheet of this!

Also, that's not a Koopa in the thumbnail, that's a Shellcreeper.
Downloads: 1611
Added: 01/10/21
[DL] DrZuplow's Custom Mario (2020 Edition) By: MisteryGX
The first of many custom Mario sprites I will be making is of course, Mario.
Though this isn't any normal Mario, this is actually based off the SMBSS Live Action Mario.

Sadly, he can't Do The Mario (yet).
Downloads: 2607
Added: 12/23/20
[DL] Mario in Wario Land 4 Style By: MisteryGX
This sheet technically isn't finished, but I don't really have the motivation to continue working on it right now, so I'm still releasing it anyway.

I'm probably not gonna make a Luigi in this style, so feel free to make your ...
Downloads: 2960
Added: 09/11/20
[DL] Mario Teaches Typing (DOS): Mario By: MisteryGX
Ever wanted a Mario sprite that turns into a red Luigi with a green shirt when he drowns?

Yes, that's actually what that sprite looks like in game.
Anyway, here's Mario from the DOS version of Mario Teaches Typing. I originally ...
Downloads: 1549
Added: 07/29/20
[DL] Super Mario World (MegaDrive/Genesis) Style Luigi (2020 Version) By: MisteryGX
Coincidentally, this is a remake of one of the first Mario sprite sheets I've ever made.

Yes, I'm making Mario sprites again. Let's just say that I've somehow managed to go back to liking Mario more than Sonic within the last ...
Downloads: 1675
Added: 07/29/20
[DL] Ray The Flying Squirrel In Chaotix Style By: MisteryGX
An improved version of a Ray sprite sheet I made back in 2018 (which I never uploaded here). This is probably the most complete sheet I've ever made. Aside from improved shading I've also made a new title screen sprite, and some Special Stage ...
Downloads: 1331
Added: 05/25/20
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