Mario & Luigi (5 Styles) (Extras + Unique Luigis) By: CursedMario
This dumb large sheet is sort of a continuation of my first two sheets. It includes Goomba’s Shoe sprites, Dry Bones Shell sprites, and a bunch of unique and alternate sprites for Mario and Luigi in my 5 preferred game styles. The majority of sprites are literally made by other people.

I also added a unique SMB Luigi by Luigiisthebest (currently known as SamButSam on this site) and a unique SMW Map Luigi by KingGeoshiKoopshi64, and then fixed and extended those sprites my way.


SMAS SMB and SMAS SMB3 Goomba’s Shoe and Dry Bones Shell sprites by xxxJohnnieWalker2005

SMAS SMW Luigi Dry Bones Shell Victory sprites by MauricioN64

SMB Alternate Crouch and SMW Alternate Crouch by AwesomeZack

SMB Extra Swimming Feet by NH1507

SMB3 Front Climbing and SMB3 Small Star Jump sprites by Wario Bros.

SMB and SMB3 Super Mario Death sprite by PixelMarioXP

SMB3 Super Luigi Death face by RaccoonMario371

SMB3 Small Luigi Crouch sprite, SMB3 Super Luigi Death sprite, SMW Small Star Jump sprite, SMB3 and SMW Carry Player and Spin Jump sprites, and SMAS SMW Luigi Dry Bones Shell Fire Attack by GlacialSiren484

SMW Small and Super Star Jump sprites by XPGlitz36

SMB Star Jump sprites and SMB Up sprites by Gorsal

Small Fire Attack sprites and SMB3 Super Luigi Star Jump sprite also by KingGeoshiKoopshi64

Possibly other sprites for the unique SMB Luigi by Pixelcraftian

Other custom sprites by me
Type Info
Format Sprite Sheets Sprites and animation frames saved in a static image medium.
Contents Edited Modification of existing sprites.

Update History
07/01/22  -Slightly edited SMW Small Mario and Luigi in Star Jump sprite
-Slightly changed unique SMB Super Luigi's hair
06/01/22  -Fixed some text

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May 18 2022, 3:50 AM
this is HUGE (also thanks for crediting me for using my outdated sprites yes i am luigi i just changed to an oc)
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