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[DL] Super Mario World - Mario (SML2 Style) By: MauricioN64
This may be kinda an small recolor, it is kinda, but, there's some edits that had to be made to not look that bad, also, Space Mario.
Downloads: 817
Added: 12/07/19
[DL] Super Mario Maker 2 - Luigi SMA2 By: MauricioN64
Update:Big/Fire Luigi Added!
More Bonus Poses for: Mario, Luigi, Toad & Toadette
Again, Credits to Random Talking Bush for the ripped sprites and the sheet.
Sorry if it's too lasy.
I'm running out of ideas.
Downloads: 1652
Added: 11/11/19
[DL] Super Mario Maker 2 - Luigi with SMAS SMW Poses By: MauricioN64
Credits goes to: Random Talking Bush for the ripped sprites.
Downloads: 1169
Added: 11/07/19
[DL] Super Mario Maker 2 - Toad Sprites By: MauricioN64
Sprites of Toad, Toadette & Luigi that i could rip from the Super Mario Maker 2 Direct (15/05/2019)
Some sprites are missing, like big Toad & Toadette, when i'm done with those, I'll update this sheet.
Downloads: 3230
Added: 05/17/19
[DL] Raccoon Mario in SMB1 SMAS By: MauricioN64
Raccoon Mario in Super Mario All-Stars:Super Mario Bros 1
Downloads: 3114
Added: 08/13/17
[DL] Donkey Kong:Mario with extra poses By: MauricioN64
Mario from Donkey Kong with poses of smb1,b2,b3 and world
Downloads: 2952
Added: 06/25/17
[DL] True Luigi With SMW poses By: MauricioN64
inspired by "SMW sprites in SMB" of IwesomeZack with "SMB True Luigi" by KingGeoshiKoopshi64.
Downloads: 2148
Added: 06/16/17
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