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SML2 - PlayerToad Extended SMM2 By: Linkstorm Z [E] [W]
After good weather I had the chance to complete it
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Added: 02/27/20
Super Mario World Custom Tilesets By: Kojimkj
Some custom SMW tilesets I've made in the last few months, ranging from Star Road and Mountain to Swamp and World Mushroom from NSMB2.
Downloads: 378 Comments: 2 [NEW]  
Added: 02/27/20
SMW Bill Blaster Deluxe - Volume 3 By: Kojimkj
Now you can have Bill Blaster Turrets, icy cannons and Fishy Bills in your fangames.
Downloads: 259 Comments: 0  
Added: 02/27/20
Super 0'brothers assets By: Evan.F [E] [W]
A small selection of tiles I ripped from Baf's Super 0'brothers mappack. I made this by coping them from the Beach video, where you can briefly see the tileset.

Don't give me credit if you use this, give credit to Baf (Fabien Campaner)
Downloads: 62 Comments: 1 [NEW]  
Added: 02/25/20
Pico-8 Super Mario Bros 2 By: Evan.F [E] [W]
Super Mario Bros 2 if it was made in Pico-8. I do not believe anyone will use them for anything, but it was fun. I started these on Sunday as a sequel to my SMB1 pico sprites. This sheet fits into the 128x128 tileset by removing the dark palettes, no ...
Downloads: 172 Comments: 0  
Added: 02/25/20
Mario's Time Machine Deluxe (Mac): Mario By: DrZuplow
For some reason the Mac version of Mario's Time Machine had different sprites than the DOS version, so I decided to rip them because I doubt anyone else even knows that this version exists.

This might be an incomplete rip, because I'm ...
Downloads: 364 Comments: 15 [NEW]  
Added: 02/22/20
SMAS SMB3 Snowy Blocks Background By: SuperSledgeBro
A snowy version of the blocks background from SMAS SMB3. The sheet also includes a night palette!
Downloads: 374 Comments: 3 [NEW]  
Added: 02/21/20
SMM2 styled 0'brothers theme By: Evan.F [E] [W]
0'brothers if it was a theme in SMM2 (minus the night theme). For context, it's a Mari0 mappack made by Baf in 2012. I really like the art style, so here's a SMM2 version. Give credit if used.

*ground (1-1 based, ...
Downloads: 815 Comments: 6 [NEW]  
Added: 02/18/20
Vampire Wario in Wario Land 4 Style By: DrZuplow
The only vampire who loves garlic.

Also, I am not making Mario sprites anymore, I have two reasons why I no longer want to make them:
1. What's the point in making these sprites if nobody's gonna use them? I had a SMW Luigi sprite ...
Downloads: 362 Comments: 1 [NEW]  
Added: 02/16/20
SMW Skewer (SMM style) By: MatiasNTRM
Taking a little break from making SML2 stuff, I now made the SMW Skewer with the proportions of the SMM Skewer, including the block where it comes from. I've always wondered why Nintendo didn't used the original sprite instead of making a new ...
Downloads: 478 Comments: 0  
Added: 02/16/20
16-bits Doki Doki Panic Items and Tiles By: SuperSledgeBro
Various elements from Doki Doki Panic, remastered to fit with the SNES version of SMB2! It's a small sheet, and it features:

-Carnival masks (they are equivalent to the mushroom blocks in SMB2)
-Life heart (mushrooms in SMB2)
-Magic ...
Downloads: 681 Comments: 5 [NEW]  
Added: 02/14/20
Magikoopa/Kamek (SML2 style) By: MatiasNTRM
This is one I had incomplete for a long time. The body is based on the SMB Magikoopa, while the head is completely custom. I decided to make a fourth frame with inverted colors that represents the Magikoopa "charging" his magic. I also decided ...
Downloads: 270 Comments: 2 [NEW]  
Added: 02/12/20
JumpMan (SMB1 Style Expanded) By: xxxJohnnieWalker2005 [W]
This Is From My Hack Called JumpMan In SMB1. Enjoy.


DeathBringer, 125Scratch & Me
Downloads: 790 Comments: 3 [NEW]  
Added: 02/09/20
Sonic Spiny In different styles By: mariofan230
Spinies in different styles, please give credit! Credit goes to Dolphman, SEGA and the Sonic team!
Downloads: 485 Comments: 6 [NEW]  
Added: 02/08/20
SMW Giant Gate Bonus Font By: Gatete [W]
The star effects that appears when you succesfully break the tape on the giant gate now in a usable sprite sheet.

Keep in mind the colour only applies to the first row

No credit is needed!
Downloads: 513 Comments: 2 [NEW]  
Added: 02/07/20
Super Sonic (STC) in Sonic 3 Style (2020 Version) By: DrZuplow
*insert obligatory "his name is not Fleetway Sonic" here*

The new and improved remake of one of the first Sonic 3 sheets I've ever made.

This is probably gonna end up being used in a Sonic.exe game, isn't it?
Downloads: 373 Comments: 8 [NEW]  
Added: 02/05/20
Wiggler (SML2 style) By: MatiasNTRM
This is yet another one that I had saved and I decided to make it a sprite sheet. I used the SMB Wiggler as a base for the sprites. I also included an alternative head with smaller eyes. I hope you like it!
Downloads: 228 Comments: 5 [NEW]  
Added: 02/05/20
Skipsqueak By: Evan.F [E] [W]
Skipsqueak from SMW, based on sprites from Mari0.

Give credit if used.
Downloads: 357 Comments: 2 [NEW]  
Added: 02/04/20
Cheep-Cheep By: OmegaF.
The crimson fish friends Cheep-Cheep! Made by OmegaF.
Downloads: 184 Comments: 0  
Added: 02/04/20
Pokey and Snow Pokey (SML2 style) By: MatiasNTRM
I decided to make the Pokey in the SML2 style. I tried to make it look like the SMW Pokey as much as possible. I also included the snow variation from SM3DW that recently appeared in SMM2 with the snowball that it drops when defeated. I hope you like ...
Downloads: 247 Comments: 0  
Added: 02/03/20
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