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SMM2 Update - Sprite recreations By: mariofan230
You probably know... yes the SMM2 update. Anyway, stay tuned for a SMB1 styled enemies sheet! No credit needed and enjoy!
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Added: 12/04/19
Super Mario Bros Super Wario Sheet By: RedChan
It's Finally Wario Time.
Give Credit For Awesome Zach Who Made Small, Super And Fire Wario.
I Know That This Is Not That Much But Don't Worry Next Update Is Gonna Come Very Soon Ill Try To Add Most Of The Power Ups That My Waluigi Sheet ...
Downloads: 168 Comments: 3 [NEW]  
Added: 12/04/19
Luigi and Spiny in Mario Bros. Classic (Arcade) By: TheNintendude64 [W]
I decided to make a brand new sprite for Luigi in Mario Bros. with his modern proportions, and also recreate the Spiny (which replaced the Shellcreeper in the GBA port and SMB3) in the style of the classic arcade game.
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Added: 11/29/19
The Ultimate SMW Player sprite sheet By: TheNintendude64 [W]
This is a HUGE SMW sprite sheet of Mario, Luigi, and Toad, featuring cleaned up sprites, more personality, and a brand new Luigi that better matches Mario. This sheet has poses from SMW, SMA2, SMM2, and even Mario's Missing for SNES. Credit to MauricinoN64 ...
Downloads: 945 Comments: 6 [NEW]  
Added: 11/29/19
SML2 - PlayerLuigi Extended SMM2 By: Linkstorm Z [E] [W]
A Luigi design that I made a few weeks ago, with height difference and adapted as best as possible
Downloads: 417 Comments: 2 [NEW]  
Added: 11/26/19
SMM Snailicorn By: mariofan230
SMM Sheets are back yet again! This SMM Sheet includes the same game styles as my previous SMM sheet, except I've decided to go beyond making 2D sprites with SMM sheets, that is 3D sprites of course which means NSMBU! Anyway, credit is needed for ...
Downloads: 642 Comments: 10 [NEW]  
Added: 11/25/19
Modern Toad By: LycanSeijin
I'm probably one of the few unironic Toad fans out there, and decided to show my love by recoloring the classic SMB2 sprites in the modern color scheme. The colors on this were originally done by SemiJuggalo (, and the new poses ...
Downloads: 301 Comments: 4 [NEW]  
Added: 11/24/19
Yamame (NES Dig Dug Hack) - General Sprites By: 125scratch
Yet another Touhou romhack rip I did at the same time as the others, but submitted now because I just recently realized the "other" franchise option exists.
Downloads: 227 Comments: 1 [NEW]  
Added: 11/21/19
Marippy (NES Mappy Hack) - General Sprites By: 125scratch
Another Touhou romhack rip I did at the same time as the others, but submitted now because I just recently realized the "other" franchise option exists.
Downloads: 240 Comments: 0  
Added: 11/21/19
neweege luigi By: nicoluigi

credits to neweege for mario

copyright to nintendo chracters
Downloads: 514 Comments: 0  
Added: 11/21/19
Custom Enemies 2 (Collab with LinkGamer715) By: SuperSprite56
Downloads: 456 Comments: 5 [NEW]  
Added: 11/20/19
SML2 Player Mario Extended SMM2 By: Linkstorm Z [E] [W]
An advance on a request that someone asked me for ... I'll show Luigi's sprites later.
Downloads: 577 Comments: 6 [NEW]  
Added: 11/19/19
Espio The Chameleon in Sonic 3 style By: Misteryt1MFGG [W]
I've been trying to make an Espio in Sonic 3 style sprite for many years, but none of them have looked very good until now. This sheet includes animations based off Knuckles' Chaotix and Sonic The Fighters.
Downloads: 291 Comments: 2 [NEW]  
Added: 11/17/19
SMB2 Gooba and Koopa By: Evan.F [E] [W]
Goombas and koopas in the style of SMB2/USA. Give credit if used.
Downloads: 555 Comments: 10 [NEW]  
Added: 11/16/19
Bubble Bobble - Custom Commodore 64 Sprites By: 125scratch
I felt that the C64 could handle a much better looking Bubble Bobble than what was actually released, so I made these. Most sprites used by the game are here, but there are a few things missing like point values.
Downloads: 278 Comments: 1 [NEW]  
Added: 11/16/19
SMB2 Foo By: Evan.F [E] [W]
Foo in the style of SMB2. Give credit if used
Downloads: 328 Comments: 2 [NEW]  
Added: 11/15/19
SMM Foo By: mariofan230
SMM sheets are back! This time I decided to scrap SMB2 and SMAS SMB2 up for now since they are too unique and I would wait until official sprites for SMM stuff in SMB2 style come. Or make consistent sprites. It's pretty much new arrangements to my ...
Downloads: 581 Comments: 7 [NEW]  
Added: 11/13/19
Fang The Sniper In Sonic 3 Style By: Misteryt1MFGG [W]
The last member of Team Hooligan, Fang The Sniper.

Includes animations from Sonic Mania, Sonic Triple Trouble and Sonic Drift 2.

Up Next: Espio The Chameleon
Downloads: 392 Comments: 0  
Added: 11/11/19
SMM2 NSMBU Early Twister Recreation By: mariofan230
Well no one has done this yet. So I gave it a try! Enjoy!
Downloads: 437 Comments: 0  
Added: 11/11/19
Mini Mario (SMB1,SMB2,SMB3,SML,SMW,and SML2 style) By: SealLoverYT
I am back after my 4 month hiatus!This time,based on the plumber boy,and this time,he's gotten microscopic,it isn't always easy to make the sprites,as easy as it seems,but at the end,it looks good.And I also added Mini Mushrooms too!
Downloads: 624 Comments: 2 [NEW]  
Added: 11/11/19
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