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[DL] My custom SMW Luigi sprite sheet By: igotanewaccountomg
Here is my take of Luigi in SMW, this is still unfinished since they is no small Luigi. (You could just reuse the Super Mario Maker 2 sprites for that) But I feel like I want to show my Luigi to the world, I hope you'll still like this green beanpole. ...
Downloads: 1574
Added: 11/16/20
[DL] Game and Watch Gallery 2 Waluigi By: igotanewaccountomg
Here's a custom G&WG2 Waluigi, title screen sprite style, I'm surprised that nobody has done this for a long time, but luckily I came to solve that problem, also the Waluigi is not originally mine, probably belongs to X Gamer 66 and Frario. Have ...
Downloads: 971
Added: 08/20/19
[DL] SMW Waluigi mod sprite sheet restored By: igotanewaccountomg
Do you remember that SMW Waluigi mod that's been used for a game called "Waluigi Wadventure"? Well, now it's here! It has more poses than mine, that's why that this sprite sheet does not belong to me. It took a long time to assemble ...
Downloads: 1942
Added: 07/20/19
[DL] SMW Wario (With a special guest, Yoshi) By: igotanewaccountomg
This is my version of Wario in Super Mario World. Some of his poses are based of on his Wario Land games, so he's not just a simple edit of Mario. Also, credit to Sonikku for ripping the Yoshi sprites and no Yoshis were harmed while the making of ...
Downloads: 2817
Added: 07/18/19
[DL] Waluigi in Super Mario World style By: igotanewaccountomg
These are my 2 versions of Waluigi in Super Mario World, and I used some inspiration from Misteryt1's Waluigi. I hope you like them. And no, there is not a full sheet of small Waluigi.
Downloads: 2224
Added: 07/17/19
[DL] Super Waluigi in Super Mario Maker By: igotanewaccountomg
The big version of the Waluigi sprite from Super Mario Maker. Some of the poses in this sprite sheet are not the same as the skinny Mario since I altered it a bit.
Downloads: 1958
Added: 06/30/19
[DL] Neweegee-styled Waluigi sprite sheet V2 By: igotanewaccountomg
This is another version I made for my Waluigi sprite sheet. This is alot different to the first one. I hope you guys enjoy this sprite sheet aswell.
Downloads: 1489
Added: 06/24/19
[DL] Neweegee-styled Waluigi sprite sheet By: igotanewaccountomg
A sprite sheet of an already existing sprite-style I made 2 years ago.
I made this using Helljumper52's Neweegee-styled Waluigi sprite and I used Neweegee's sprites as a reference to work on poses for the base sprite. And I also added powerups ...
Downloads: 1171
Added: 06/23/19
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