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[DL] SMB3 Styled Worldmap Mario/Luigi (SMM2) By: JumperK
This was made (mostly) to complement tornadowhoodle's sheet, as it doesn't have Worldmap sprites for Mario/Luigi.

Thanks to tornadowhoodle for the World Maker Tileset & Color Palette used for Magma, & Random Talking Bush for the original ...
Downloads: 1198
Added: 11/01/21
[DL] SMW - Bowser's Boss Room By: JumperK
Hey, so it's been a while since I last uploaded something, so I might as well upload a sheet I already made on TSR.

I know that a similar sheet has already been uploaded, but the tiles looked inaccurate for the Final Boss Room.

Downloads: 915
Added: 09/17/21
[DL] SMM - Chain-Link Fence By: JumperK
Green Mario climbs around one of the Koopaling's Fortresses, while avoiding Climbing Koopas.
We have ourselves another sheet; this time: Chain-Link Fences.

They originally appeared in Super Mario World, occasionally appearing ...
Downloads: 1474
Added: 07/07/20
[DL] SMB3 Mix - Leaf Toad By: JumperK
Leaf Toad from the SMB3 Rom Hack, SMB3 Mix.
Credit goes to Southbird for the rom hack.
Downloads: 2117
Added: 11/02/17
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