May 18 2021, 5:42 AM See Page
A flawed yet enjoyable experience with heaps and heaps of potential, Mario Holidays feels amateurish in the most charming way possible. While the controls and collisions are borderline broken, and the level gimmicks were very obtuse and not very well explained, once you wrap your head around the clumsy charm of this game you can begin to appreciate it for its quirkiness. Why can you bounce off of a maple leaf? I don't know, but man it was fun to watch happen. The Hockey Suit is easily this game's strongest point though as it feels surprisingly smooth and intuitive to use, and the pucks have a satisfying arc to them. Like many aspects of the gameplay, the presentation could use a lot of polish, though again the awkward execution becomes part of the charm once you accept what it is. I actually found myself shocked by the smoothness of a few animations, and I especially loved the little touch of goombas knocking about after being hit with a puck. Gave me a nice chuckle. Overall, with a bit of polish and a heavy rework of the controls and camera, I think there's a shining gem at this game's core. I found myself putting up with the terrible controls just to get a glimpse of the next fun idea or charming art asset, and I think thats something special.