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[DL] SMW Super Sheet Part 2: SMB3/SML1/2 By: GlacialSiren484, MauricioN64, SubPixuru, AwesomeZack, Jamestendo [E]

Anyway, this might be the biggest part we have since I'm sure part 3 would end up being smaller by the time we are finished it. I'm glad to have been seeing this whole project ...
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Added: 02/16/21
[DL] Toadette Map Sprites (Original SMW Style) By: GlacialSiren484 [E]
Yeah so apparently I have this sitting in my files collecting dust for months and now I decide to publicly release it.
Man am I an organized person.

Part 2 of the SMW sheet is almost done I just need to polish it up so expect it somewhere ...
Downloads: 733
Added: 02/06/21
[DL] SMM2 SMW Super Sheet Part 1: SMW Power Ups By: GlacialSiren484, MauricioN64, SubPixuru, AwesomeZack, Jamestendo [E]
What's this? Another excuse to delay SMB3 Toadette? How wonderful!

Anyway, this sheet won't be like SMB3 sheets where it only limits to the power ups in that game it'll actually be more of a remake and continuation of AwesomeZack's ...
Downloads: 2363
Added: 12/20/20
[DL] SMM2 Toad & Toadette in the SMW Ending Card By: GlacialSiren484 [E]
I'm pretty sure these are the only sprites/poses for SMW as a whole not done for Toad and Toadette.

Don't worry I didn't forget about SMB3 Toadette (This is like the 3rd or 4th time I have said this), I just started on her small ...
Downloads: 1024
Added: 12/12/20
[DL] SMB3 Super Sheet: Toad Edition (All-Stars/Advance) By: GlacialSiren484, xxxJohnnieWalker2005, ButterCarsen, SuperCoolFe [E]
Just because I mentioned that I've been doing a lot of Toad sprite sheets, doesn't mean I'll stop.

No, I haven't started Toadette and nor will I be doing the Mario Bros. or Toadette with SMAS/SMA4 shading, this was just what ...
Downloads: 1204
Added: 11/14/20
[DL] SMM2 SMB1 Toad in Super Mario All-Stars By: GlacialSiren484, xxxJohnnieWalker2005 [E]
Decided to do a quick revise of xxJohnnieWalker's sheet with some shading and colour fixes.
Yes, I know that this is the 5th sheet in a row I've submitted involving Toad

Free to use for rom hacks, animations, fangames, etc. but ...
Downloads: 895
Added: 11/07/20
[DL] (REMAKE) Dead Super Mario, Luigi, Toad & Toadette By: GlacialSiren484 [E]
Let's be honest here, that first submission of mine was pretty crappy in terms of colours, proportions, and smoothness so I decided to try again and it worked out pretty fine.
Downloads: 1352
Added: 11/05/20
[DL] SMAS Miscellaneous Sprites for Toad By: GlacialSiren484, xxxJohnnieWalker2005, SubPixelGamer [E]
Just a quick sheet I made from last night

Free to use for rom hacks and stuff but give credit to those listed on the sheet
Downloads: 1181
Added: 10/25/20
[DL] SMB3 Super Sheet: Toad Edition By: GlacialSiren484, SuperCoolFernie, PixelMarioXP [E]
He's finally here! This took a bit long since online school and my excellent procrastination skills got in the way
Downloads: 1551
Added: 10/25/20
[DL] SMM2 SMB3 Toad & Toadette in Minigames By: GlacialSiren484, xxxJonnieWalker2005 [E]
I'm surprised nobody has done this up to this point, not even for any rom hacks (if they even exist).

Anyway I decided to try SMAS shading for the first time by using JonnieWalker2005's SMAS Toad and Toadette sheets as a reference ...
Downloads: 908
Added: 10/24/20
[DL] SMB3 Super Sheet: Luigi Edition By: GlacialSiren484 [E]
Scientists say that this is the last thing the human brain sees before death
Could this be God?

Also, some sprites have an "Accurate Height" version since no version of SMB3 can handle some of God's movements. Not even ...
Downloads: 1997
Added: 10/12/20
[DL] Toad Map Sprites (Original SMW Style) By: GlacialSiren484 [E]
I'm surprised I have only seen 1 person attempt this so far but unfortunately, that said person never uploaded his sheet anywhere so I decided to give this a shot!
Downloads: 919
Added: 10/07/20
[DL] SMB3 Super Sheet: Mario/SMM2 Luigi Edition By: GlacialSiren484, ButterCarsen, SuperCoolFernie [E]
This took about a week to make, and the rest of the SMM2 cast is coming too!

This sheet will include:

- All of the SMA4 and SMM2 Poses

- New poses for certain power-ups (Ex: Star jump on Small Forms and death sprites ...
Downloads: 3389
Added: 09/29/20
[DL] Front Facing SMB1 Super Toad & Toadette (Toadette Spin Jump Included!) By: GlacialSiren484 [E]
Free to use, just don't claim as your own

For some reason, I always see people attempt to do this and always screw something up (Mushroom not symmetrical, Incorrect amount of spots, Face too tall, etc.) So I decided to take matters into ...
Downloads: 1117
Added: 08/02/20
[DL] Hatless SMM2 SMW Luigi (With 3.0 Sprites & Extra Hatless Mario Sprites) By: GlacialSiren484, AwesomeZack, MauricioN64, TheNintendude64 [E]
I'm gonna be honest, SMM2 Luigi is very underrated and has so much potential. You can literally turn most SMAS Luigi sprites into SMM2 by just changing the skin tone and changing the mustache a bit.
Credit to AwesomeZack for originally making ...
Downloads: 1915
Added: 05/05/20
[DL] Dead SMW Super Mario, Luigi (SMM2), Toad & Toadette (Fire & Cape Included!) By: GlacialSiren484, Geno2925, 9-Bit [E]
My first submission!
One day I was scrolling through DeviantArt and came across a sheet with Dead Super Mario, except there were several problems with it (arms too big, overalls looking wrong, etc.). I decided to try fixing it while also adding ...
Downloads: 2051
Added: 05/04/20
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