Community Fangame Project 3 Announcement
Apr 27 2024, 10:07 AM

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This is not a drill, this is real

We have started planning the brand new Community Fangame Project and we want you to join us in this iteration, we have prepared a Discord server for this purpose which link im'ma leave here.

We have 5 roles you can choose from:

CFP Artist
CFP Composer
CFP Tester
CFP Level Designer

Once you join the Discord, do send me a DM with the areas you want to contribute with.

We will be using GameMaker and Gatete Mario Engine 9 for the project. Like I said at the start of the topic, we are currently on the brainstorm phase so all ideas will be appreciated

Those who select CFP Dev or CFP Level Designer roles will need an account on GitHub and some knowledge in using repositories.

And now here's some updates for y'all ;)

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