MFGG AWARDS 2023 Results are live!
Jan 21 2024, 8:02 AM

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First things first, we have revealed the results for the MFGG Awards.

You can see the results here:

We want to congratulate Langton for getting 6 awards for his Wario Destroys a Glass of Milk game, really deserved dude!

We have started a drawing competition with Beach Volleyball as the theme, you can participate and view the rules in the following forum thread:

Oh and congratulations to our site founder Thunder Dragon for the release of their newest game Psycutlery which you can download here:

As for updates, here's some:

Recent Additions
Thumbnail Level UP - Mario's Minigames Mayhem
[Platform] By BookwormKevin, Roombie
For Android/Web version and more, go to

Have you ever ...
Thumbnail Mr. Pence: Origins
[Platform] By MisteryGX
WARNING: Both "Mr. Pence: Origins" and "Room Temperature Milk" include some swearing.
Thumbnail X-AXIS - Runner Game (UNDERTALE Yellow Unofficial Fangame) [v2.1.1]
[Minigame] By Astrakitu
DISCLAIMER: This is an unofficial fangame based on another Undertale fangame, known as UNDERTALE Yellow, ...
Thumbnail Super Mario - Golbat Escape!
[Minigame] By LoraLynxPSI
A silly little minigame that originated from an easter egg in a scrapped project of mine.
An endless ...
Thumbnail Super Mario Bros. Friends(Launcher)
[Adventure] By WinMithul
Enjoy the exciting adventures of Mario and his Friends from Mushroom Heights in a brand-new launcher!!!!
Hacks, Mods
Thumbnail Super Mario World: Project Encore (VERY EARLY WIP!)
[Super Mario World] By Low poly Levi
A hack that aims to add entirely new levels, change color palettes, and tweak existing levels. This ...
Classic Grass Tileset (SMW Style) By bonglorio
Cyberspace Tileset By PROX
MPA - Poochy By JustCamTro
MPA - Shroom City - Tileset By JustCamTro
MPA - Shroom City - Everything By JustCamTro
SMB2 Styled SMG/SM3DL/W Enemies By FledCorn
Weird Mushroom Forms in SMM2 By R3n3G1ck015
MPA - Title Screen By JustCamTro
MPA - Main Menu - Modes By JustCamTro

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Jan 22 2024, 8:30 AM
It's surreal to see myself finally upload a created game of mine after so many years on the website. I can't wait to do more fun stuff like this!
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