Staff Wanted
Sep 19 2023, 5:55 AM

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It is that time of the year again, we are looking for someone to help us sort out the submissions in the queue and you can be that one.

Don't worry, none of the current staff is going anywhere :)

"How do I apply for staff" you ask? Simple, just fill out this form I linked below and answer all the questions on it.

Once the submission period closes, we will look through all the submissions and decide who becomes the new main site moderator here on MFGG.

Good luck!

And now, here's a update

Recent Additions
SMAS SMB3 - Grasslands ACT 2 Background By WALMAKER2022
Super Pyoro - WarioWare: Get It Together! By DogToon64
HOME Menu Icon - Super Mario Bros. 35 By DogToon64
Stage Icons - Super Mario Bros. 35 By DogToon64
Title - Super Mario Bros. 35 By DogToon64
On/Off Pipes - SMB1, SMB3, SMW & SMAS By WALMAKER2022
Enemies - Super Mario Bros. 35 By DogToon64
Tales of Mushroom Kingdom tilesets By Andres bros 54 Official
SMB1 Luigi but better By NeoMakesArt
SMW Goombas By LumSht
Christopher Robin - Winnie the Pooh's Home Run Derby By DogToon64
Eeyore - Winnie the Pooh's Home Run Derby By DogToon64
Kanga & Roo - Winnie the Pooh's Home Run Derby By DogToon64
Tigger - Winnie the Pooh's Home Run Derby By DogToon64
Rabbit - Winnie the Pooh's Home Run Derby By DogToon64
Piglet - Winnie the Pooh's Home Run Derby By DogToon64
Owl - Winnie the Pooh's Home Run Derby By DogToon64
Winnie the Pooh - Winnie the Pooh's Home Run Derby By DogToon64
Gopher - Winnie the Pooh's Home Run Derby By DogToon64
Lumpy - Winnie the Pooh's Home Run Derby By DogToon64
Flower Coins (SMB1 Style) By MigUndertale
SMB3 Style Mario and Luigi - Bubble and Drill Wonder Powerups 16 and 8 bit By Shikaternia
Birabuto Kingdom (GBC Style) By bonglorio
Drill And Bubble Powerups - Super Mario Bros. 1 Style By AndrewMewengk
SMW-styled CTTT Piranha Sprout By Astrakitu
SMBW - Drill Powerup By Marioman2007, deltomx3, Linkstorm Z
SMW-styled NSMBU Mighty Cannonship Tileset + Extras By Squishy Rex

Application submissions can be submitted until October 3rd
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Aug 29 2023, 12:55 AM

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It's an update with a whole lot of games in it! It's quite a variety - go check 'em out!

Recent Additions
Thumbnail Super Mario Continuance Chapter 1
[Platform] By NatDuh
CW: One instance of blood and some dark themes.

Super Mario Continuance Chapter 1 is a 2D ...
Thumbnail Pipedream Engine (TECH DEMO)
[Platform] By KrystalPhantasm
Pipedream Engine was a fangame engine I started in Godot 3.5 a few months ago, as a way to learn programming ...
Thumbnail Super Mario Bros. S v0.2.1 - New Roads
[Platform] By superpi2
Super Mario Bros. S is a collaborative fangame, meant to embody the spirit of modern Super Mario platformers ...
Thumbnail Super Mario Bros. Revenge on Bowser! Demo 1
[Adventure] By ShadowReduce
Story: Bowser again attacks a Mushroom Kingdoom by own koopa army. Your task - get to the Bowser's ...
Thumbnail Supra Binyot Lande
[Comedy] By Roo
"Seriously, it- it was surprisingly high-quality for a s***ty s**tpost fan game."
-Vincent ...
Thumbnail Wario DESTROYS A Glass of Milk
[Comedy] By LangtonLion64
The third and final outRAGEous installment in the Glass of Milk series.

Wario comes out of ...
Boo Diddly sprite sheet By denverade
Fluff It Out - WarioWare: Get It Together! By DogToon64
SMB1 Revamped Castle Theme Background By karilizard36
Bomb - WarioWare: Get It Together! By DogToon64
Chocolate Mountain Tileset By AndrewMewengk
SMB1 Volcano Theme Tileset By karilizard36
SMB1 Volcano Theme Backgrounds By karilizard36
SMB1 Mountain Theme Backgrounds By karilizard36
Chocolate Mountain Background By AndrewMewengk
SMB1 Bone Theme Backgrounds By karilizard36
SMB1 Autumn Theme Backgrounds By karilizard36
Sidescrolling Section Tilesets (Zelda Four Swords Adventures) By CM30

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Mario is found.
Aug 16 2023, 8:27 PM

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And with that the game jam is over! Thank you so much to everyone who has participated!

You guys have 3 whole days to go and play and vote for all the submissions. At the end of that period we will announce the top games.

There aren't that many this time around, so go play them all!

Some of them might find their way over here in the MFGG main site soon too, who knows!
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Aug 11 2023, 7:09 PM

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And the theme is...

"Mario is Missing"

This one is very simple. Make a game where the main character of the franchise is NOT present. For example, if you're making a game based on the Sonic franchise, make a game where Sonic himself is nowhere to be found. You can mention him in the story, but he's not allowed to appear in person.

We won't be too strict on the criteria of a main character. If it's something up to debate, we will allow it. Nobody's going to deny if Sonic is the main character of the Sonic franchise. But Tails? I guess you could make an argument that he is one of the main characters, but we will allow it regardless because you could also argue that in a vast majority of the games he's more of a sidekick.

PRO TIP: Remember that the absence of the main character doesn't just have to be a narrative choice; it can be a driving force within the gameplay itself too. Don't just make a typical Mario game and replace Mario's sprite with Luigi. Make the gameplay all about Luigi! Make him do something only he can!

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Fun With Despair
An Update (on our server problems)
Jun 26 2023, 12:48 AM

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And, you know, our content too.

As of late, you may have realized that we've been having some issues with our servers, random bouts of inconsistently going offline and what-not. Well, good news! As of recently, our server host managed to identify and fix the issue, which was a anti-spam/DDoS plugin that was going rogue and temporarily IP blocking users at random points. This is probably why the outage didn't happen for everyone at the same time.

It's all over and done with now though, so you can feel free to browse all manner of fangames, sprite sheets, and even read this update without issue.

Recent Additions

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Link He Come to Town
May 16 2023, 10:09 PM

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Looks like Link is taking over this update too. Tears of the Kingdom is finally here and I still have yet to play it, but in the meantime I can provide you all with a couple new submissions!

Recent Additions

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Non-Marioy Update
May 7 2023, 1:29 AM

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Mario and friends were tired after starring in that big movie, so they decided to let Link and Not Quite Simon Belmont take center stage.

In other news, the United Kingdom celebrated its first coronation in 70 years. That's been quite a while... we didn't even have Mario games back in 1953! It's possible that a few other things have changed as well since the British monarch last changed.

Recent Additions
Thumbnail HooperVania
[Platform] By Linky439
Welcome to HooperVania, a free and non-profit French fan-game celebrating Castlevania, the French videomaker ...
Thumbnail Memories of Hyrule
[Adventure] By Ephraim225
Memories of Hyrule
A Zelda fangame by Ephraim225

Across all eras, the heroes of time, ...
SMW-Styled SMB3 Enemies By S.Koopa0
SMM - Bubble Note Blocks By Hot Cross Bun
Luigi Portaits (Sonic Battle Styled) By DStar99
Sounds, Music
Mario Party 7 - 1-Vs.-3 Minigame SFX By mradamluigi
Mario Party 7 - 1-Vs.-3 Mic Minigame SFX By mradamluigi
Mario Party 7 - 2-Vs.-2 Minigame SFX By mradamluigi

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Mariblade Chronicles 1 + 2 ReBoot Camp: Tears of the Kingdom
Apr 25 2023, 10:14 PM

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Heya MFGG! Got a tasty new update for you all.
April's been a pretty big month for Nintendo and it looks like May is going to be continuing that trend for the time being. Outside of Tears of the Kingdom releasing next month, the Advance Wars remake launched and the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 DLC releases today!

Of course, nothing beats good 'ol fangames, and with that I've got a new update for you today. Enjoy!

Recent Additions

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MFGG Mainsite Updates: The Movie: The Game
Apr 19 2023, 2:13 AM

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Once upon a time, before the land was ravished by a horrible plague, I was an MFGG administrator. But eventually my real job got a little too intense, and I realized it was time to step down from running this place. I never gave up my QC powers, though, and occasionally I'd still go through the queue. And here's an update in honor of a big moment in Mario history!

I've heard something about a new movie starring a certain plumber. I can't remember his name, but I see his picture on the upper-left corner of the screen! I haven't watched the new Mario movie yet, but I probably should. This is a pretty big thing - after all, Mario fans have been waiting three decades for a movie that truly does the franchise justice!

Don't count on Vinny updates being a regular occurrence, but today you get one... and more importantly, a fun and eclectic selection of games and sprites! MFGG still has a lot of games and hacks sitting in the queue, so we'll have a lot more stuff waiting for you in the coming weeks.

Recent Additions
Thumbnail Really Happy Mario Demo
[Platform] By Sparasemi456
Help Mario to get to the end of the levels and rescue the Princess Peach as fast is possible. Mario ...
Thumbnail Mushrooms Vs Goombas
[Other] By TheWatermelon24
Mushrooms Vs Goombas ...
Thumbnail Adventure in a Mysterious Island
[Adventure] By SonicZetrex1
Adventure in a Mysterious Island is a Game-Boy inspired game that faithfully follows the charm of a ...
Thumbnail Wario DS
[Comedy] By Faye's Games

Made for MFGG Game Jam 5.

my ...
SMB3 Artwork-Styled Sledge Bro. By Just a Little spriter
Birdo (SMW Style) By Flaming Hot Toons
The Super Mario Bros. Movie Intro Sprites Recreation By Joaquin Dash
SMW styled Shy Guys and friends By LumSht
SMB1 Mario (Expanded) By ColinGamer
Animation vs. Super Mario Bros. Sprites By Joaquin Dash
The Super Mario Bros. Movie - Intro Sprites By MauricioN64
SMW Custom WorldMap By EdmondRokko
Sonic The Hedgehog objects in Super Mario Bros. 3 By LuccaDoesArts
Various SMA4 Edits and Customs By ~CaMtEnDo~
SMW Big Cheep and Flupper By ~CaMtEnDo~

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