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Game Reviewed Super Mario Bros: Revenge of Bowser, by Hello
Review Author mario4ever
Created Feb 14 2008, 10:46 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Hello, has made many different games over a long time, from using the trisoft engine, to UME, then he started makeing his own engines. And now he has created a great, new game called...

Super Mario Bros: Revenge of Bowser
Pros + Good, entertaining game that lasts a long time
+ Great super mario galaxy soundtrack
+ Well thought out levels
Cons - A few bugs with enemies going through walls sometimes.
- The diffuculty is a little too high
9 / 10
Gameplay, is just awesome, yet the diffuculty is too high, yet the flying is the greatest, I had much fun flying with raccoon mario through the levels.

The gameplay is really fun and I enjoyed the swimming, and this is a good hello game where the gameplay is really neat.
7 / 10
Same Black Squirrel's tileset, yet it is recoloured, The same old SMB3 mario and Enemies still, Hello, try to use some different graphics now. But great using different themes!
8 / 10
The music is great! The super mario galaxy music is just, awesome! But the smb3 sounds are still there, but otherwize some great sounds and music!
8 / 10
Because there are many hidden items in levels, you just keep going back to a level to find the hidden items, yet can be good or bad if you hate or like the level.
Final Words
8 / 10
Great hello game with many features, but with some bugs.

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