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Game Reviewed Super Mario Bros: Revenge of Bowser, by Hello
Review Author TiKi
Created Mar 21 2013, 5:54 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Super Mario 64 meets Super Mario Bros. 3. This Hello Engine game is actually pretty good, if you can overlook the generic graphics, high difficulty, and having to replay levels. Bowser has kidnapped Princess Peach, and his keep is hidden behind a door that takes 120 stars to unlock. Mario must adventure through the castle to save Peach.
Pros Cool combining of games
40 levels for a long game
10 worlds with variety
Hammer and Tanooki Suits from Mario 3
Huge variety of enemies
Toad Houses are in Peach's castle
Convenient save system
Cons You have to play every level 3 times
Graphics are generic
It gets too difficult for it's own good
You need all 120 stars to fight Bowser
You don't keep acecoins at a checkpoint
You must get to the flag with acecoins
7 / 10
You must 1. get to the flagpole with nothing, 2. Get to the flagpole with all 5 acecoins, and 3. get to the flagpole with the secret shine sprite. Although the variety of powerups and enemies, combined with good physics(IMO), should make this a fun game, the mototony of playing 40 levels three times each is boring. Looking for the secrets is fun, but not 40 times fun. Plus, if you die, you lose all the acecoins and the shine, and if there were acecoins before the checkpoint that you can't now get, you have to complete the level to get another try at it. But it is kinda fun before the novelty wears off. Obscure enemies from Mario 3 and Mario World show that Hello can do a variety of AIs. And you'll never forget the desert and water worlds - the sheer variety of platforms, items and enemies show the power of Hello Engine 3.
8 / 10
Pretty good but not the best. I understand that after programming all of this, Hello would be tired, but Mario 3 + SMW Redrawn + the Black Squirrel tileset combine to make nothing you haven't seen before. They look decent together, but you can say the same about any Hello game by that rubric.
7 / 10
Music is mostly taken from Super Paper Mario. Unfortunately, the Lineland Road theme is used for too many levels. The sound effects are the usual OHMAMAMIA/JUSTWHATINEEDED/OOF/YAHOO Hello fare.
3 / 10
Not looking up. After playing this chore of a game, I imagine you probably won't want to play it again. There's also only 1 save slot, so you'll have to delete your save if you want to start over.
Final Words
7 / 10
Hello does it again, with all that that entails.

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