Summer is coming
Jun 20 2022, 10:24 PM

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And with it, a brand new update :)

Recent Additions
more characters in the smb1 smm2 style!! By SamButSam, GlacialSiren484, askywalker, hdtv, oneflea, DStar99,
Green Hill Zone tileset in the Super Mario World style By Nitrox (Nitro Fox)
SMB1 arrow sign - SMAS style By WALMAKER2022
Ninji style SMB3 smas and nes By AngelMGR
SMB3 arrow sign - SMAS style By WALMAKER2022
Kirby Star Allies Custom Ability Stars By FieryExplosion
Kirby Custom 3DS-Styled Copy Essences By FieryExplosion
Kirby's Blowout Blast Custom HUD By FieryExplosion
Kirby: Planet Robobot Custom Text Boxes By FieryExplosion
Kirby Fighters Deluxe Custom HUD By FieryExplosion
Mario (Mario & Luigi: New Generation) By MateusCarvalho590
SMB1 SNES Grass Tileset By TomAndTheCats
SMW-styled SM3DW Bullet Bill Express By Squishy Rex
SMB1 Buster Beetles By Twisted4932
Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga-Style Paper Mario By Francis T. Toad
Super Sonic in SMM2 By MasterDarkar

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Fun With Despair
important update
Jun 11 2022, 8:15 PM

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but, you may be asking, why is this update important?

because it gets that awful morbius post out of the top spot.

Recent Additions
SMA4 Enemies (SMM2 SMB3-styled) By Amer1ciuM
SMB3 Custom Tiles Part 7 By Shikaternia
3D land Beep Beat Blocks in SMB3 NES style By thelonelysoul
SMB3 Custom Tiles Part 8 By Shikaternia
SMB1 SNES Backgrounds (Night) By TomAndTheCats, SuperSledgeBro
Thwomp Temple Ruins Tileset w/ Thwomps By PROX
Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles (SMM2 SMB1-styled) By Amer1ciuM
Custom Mushroom Platforms By electro-kun
SMM2 Particles By TheMushrunt
SMW styled NSMB2 sky castle By LumSht
SMM2 - SMB1 Slope x4 By JosueCr4ft
Kirby Star Allies Custom Ultimate Choice HUD By FieryExplosion
Thwimps in SMB & SMB3 + Bonus!!1! By Med Animations
Kirby Star Allies Custom Misc. HUD By FieryExplosion
Super Mario World Styled Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins - Grassland By TheOrangeToad

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me when
May 30 2022, 4:17 PM

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me when morbin haha morbius it's morbin time im going to morb so hard haha i like to morb it morb it let's morb this together with morbius now on cinema morbius morb morb morbin

Recent Additions
Thumbnail Star Kids (Demo Version)
[Platform] By radel999, radel1996
This is my fully standalone game where resources from other games are not used, although the full version ...
Custom Phanto Temple Background By PROX

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Now it's Reyn time
May 17 2022, 8:56 PM

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Heya MFGG! My name is ReynLynxPSI, and I'm your new main site moderator! I'll be helping get submissions through the queue in a quick and timely manner.

With introductions out of the way, here's the latest submissions:

Recent Additions
Hacks, Mods
Thumbnail Super Mario All-Stars Improvement
[OTHER (Please Specify)] By supercoolfernie
One day, I was farting around until I decided to make an improvement over Super Mario All-Stars.
Thumbnail Super Mario Advance - Classic Mario and Luigi
[OTHER (Please Specify)] By Resident Prime
This hack aims to edit Mario and Luigi's in-game palettes to match those of the original Super Mario ...
Thumbnail Super Luigi Bros. (35th Anniversary)
[Super Mario Bros 1 (NES)] By Mario GMD
This hack arises for the 35th Anniversary of Super Mario Bros but commemorating it with Luigi and his ...
Thumbnail Super Luigi Bros. 3 (35th Anniversary)
[Super Mario Bros 3 (NES)] By Mario GMD
My second hackrom celebrating the 35th anniversary of SMB but with Luigi and his twin (he appears in ...
SMB1 flowering fall theme By karilizard36
8-bit SMB1 Space Tileset By SuperSledgeBro
8-bit SMB3 Space Tileset By SuperSledgeBro
SMB1 Sky Castle Theme By SMBFan116
revamped SMB1 ground theme By karilizard36
SMB1 Dry Water Theme By SMBFan116
Reimagined mario By dracoaftonyoshi
SMW Ice Castle Theme By SMBFan116
Geno By OmegaF.
SMAS SMB2 Mushrooms By Twisted4932
SMB1 revamped dessert theme By karilizard36
A simple goomba in my style By TalkinToonyBox

I look forward to seeing what you all have to make!
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video game
May 10 2022, 8:00 PM

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Hello gamers, I guess we are back with yet another batch of new submissions.

- New games ✓
- New hacks (what???) ✓
- New sprites ✓
- New REVIEWS???? (no way) ✓


Recent Additions
Thumbnail Super Mario: Magnum Opus
[Action] By grizzledwarveteran23
Mario ain't screwing around. He's got a gun this time. Each bullet is gonna send him flying ...
Hacks, Mods
Thumbnail Super Mario World: A Super Mario Adventure 2
[Super Mario World] By KaidenThelens
The sequel to Super Mario Adventure 1 from SMWcentral that I made in about 5 months for a good friend ...
Thumbnail Mario - The Mysterious Gem
[Super Mario World] By .M.S
History: "A few years ago a mysterious gem fell in Mushroom Kingdom, unfortunately it was Bowser ...
Thumbnail Mario and The Quest for Ramen(USA VERSION)(v1.1)
[Super Mario Bros 1 (NES)] By LuigiMagicHacks
USA version of one of my first hacks I have ever made, it has 16 levels and is a little difficult.
Thumbnail Mario´s Keep 1,3
[Super Mario Bros 1 (NES)] By NesDraug
Mario goes puzzle platformer! A hack which requires tricky jumps but not totally glitch abusing skills ...
Thumbnail Super Pietro Brothers. 3
[Super Mario Bros 3 (NES)] By Medsompers
This Hack is made with Super Mario Bros. 3, fixed bugs and had revamped some sprites, and added some ...
Thumbnail SMB3 - Toad Playable
[Super Mario Bros 3 (NES)] By JosueCr4ft
Play with Toad in Super Mario Bros. 3 original for the NES!!

This is my first post of a Hack ...
SMW-Brambles By LumSht
SMB3 Inventory and Map Items By ComputerBoi13
SMW styled NSMB ghost house tileset. By LumSht
SMW styled NSMB underwater tileset By LumSht
SMB3 Graveyard / Outside Ghost House Theme By SMBFan116
Custom Ghost House Tileset 3 By PROX
GBA-ish 8-directional F.L.U.D.D. Mario By emilianomario
SMB3 Particles and Effects By ComputerBoi13
SMAS SMB2 Bullet Bill Cannons By Twisted4932
Original Early Princess Peach in SMB1 Sprites By SuperDaltonMaker
Cavern / Underwater BGs - New Super Mario Bros. (16-Bit) By MikeyStar
Sky Cluster BGs - New Super Mario Bros. (16-Bit) By MikeyStar
Snow BGs - New Super Mario Bros. (16-Bit) By MikeyStar
Dead Woods - New Super Mario Bros. (16-Bit) By MikeyStar
Spear Rocks - New Super Mario Bros. (16-Bit) By MikeyStar
Lava Falls - New Super Mario Bros. (16-Bit) By MikeyStar
Custom SMB3 Brick House Theme By BroskiX
Custom Fuzzies By PROX
Custom Piranha Plants By PROX
SMB3 Custom Tiles Part 6 By Shikaternia
Super Mario Bros. - Final Castle 1 By SuperSledgeBro
Super Mario Bros. - Final Castle 2 By SuperSledgeBro
Super Mario Bros. - Final Castle 3 By SuperSledgeBro
Super Mario Bros. - Final Castle (Loop-less) By SuperSledgeBro

So... yes, some of these hacks have been sitting on the queue for quite a long time. We kinda have no valid excuse for this, but from now on we will try to accept those more quickly.

Also for those who are waiting for the staff application results, well, we will be announcing that very very soon! Though I have to say that if we haven't contacted you yet, you probably are not the chosen one. Sorry Lelly!
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Update incoming
Apr 23 2022, 8:47 AM

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Here I come with a large update for y'all.

As for the staff form, we're not longer accepting more applications.

Good luck to those who applied for staff.

Recent Additions

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Goodbye SilverVortex, and Thank You!!
Apr 15 2022, 5:32 PM

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Today we say goodbye to our awesome main site guy, SilverVortex. He helped us a lot with the queue in a time of need, so all of you kids better say Thank You. He's stepping down now, so let us all wish him the best for his future. Goodbye! Good luck! We love you. <3

I also have all your little submissions here. If you were sitting and waiting like little dogs for your submissions to go through, take a look.

Recent Additions

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fart with extra reverb
Apr 3 2022, 11:21 PM

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I guess it was obvious to most of you but yeah, the whole token thing was an April Fools joke. We aren't interested in scamming you guys, don't worry lol

You know what is not an April Fools joke though? The staff application form, which is still open!

Check the update that's below the April Fools one for more info on that.

ANYHOW, here's the good stuff

Recent Additions

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MFGG on Blockchain
Apr 1 2022, 4:39 AM

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Hello MFGG! We got some huge announcements for you guys.

First of all, we have just opened a brand new subforum, Metaverse Discussion. 🚀

With MFGG3's development coinciding with the rise of Web 3.0, we have decided to shift our priorities and develop the site with Web 3.0 technologies in mind. Meanwhile though, we have also decided to open a brand new subforum in our forums to let you guys discuss what is next for not just MFGG, but also the internet- no, the humanity in the near future!

Click here to join the discussion!

But this isn't all we will be doing to show our commitment to the future of the internet...

🚀 🚀 Introducing our brand new token: Tusk Bucks! 🚀 🚀

user posted image

Originally announced way back in 2015 as an April Fools joke, I'm proud to announce that after months of hard work, it is now a reality! Based on the Etherium network, you soon will be able to buy your own Tusk Bucks and be a part of history by investing in this revolutionary token!

In the future you will also be able to trade these Tusk Bucks for our upcoming MFGG Fangame NFTs, which will work in your favorite MFGG fangames, such as Super Mario Flashback and Super Mario Bros. The Midas Machine!

We will also be holding a $200,000 worth Tusk Buck giveaway real soon! More details about it will be revealed in the upcoming days. 🎉

So, stay tuned, and join the hype! 🚀 🚀 🚀 🚀 🚀 🚀

#ETH #BNB #BSC #BTC #elonmusk #crypto #Uniswap #SOL #SAFEMOON #MRI #FLOKI #APE #BoredApe #Metaverse #NFT #altcoin #opensea #P2E #ALTSEASON
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Fun With Despair
The Search for new Main Site Staff
Mar 26 2022, 8:50 PM

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Hey everyone, I know I haven't posted an update myself in a good while, and that's because... I haven't really needed to. Our Main Site Admin, Gate, does a great job, and don't worry - he's not going anywhere.

But if some of you have noticed that the queue times have been very slow for the past while, that's because Gate is more or less our only dedicated main site staffer taking care of it. While managing the main site queue isn't an insurmountable task for one person, it can certainly be rather time consuming for one guy to run through, which is why for the first time in years, we're looking for some new Main Site Staff members!

The role itself involves a variety of duties, such as moderating comments, accepting content that adheres to our submission guidelines, handling reports, and making update posts just like this one.

If you're interested in applying, just fill out this application form and answer our test questions. The questions, beyond the basic identifying ones, are mostly just simple tests to see how well you understand our content guidelines and comment rules, as well as to see how you handle situations and why you'd feel something is worth accepting or declining. Don't stress yourself out over these, just take it slow and have fun.

You can the application form below:

...Oh, and I guess take an update too. Not much to this one though, the last one was only four days ago after all.

Recent Additions

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