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[DL] Custom Super Mario World Neon Tileset By: SonicKade2048
Not much to be said from the title alone, although I want to give credit to Gemmaster and bonglorio for the original neon / Moonside tilesets. I used a couple of tiles from their sheets in here, cleaning them up a bit, too. Links below. Give credit to ...
Downloads: 1092
Added: 10/06/20
[DL] Prototype SMW "Green Hill" Tileset By: SonicKade2048
It's unclear to me if this is actually meant to resemble Green Hill Zone, but said resemblance is uncanny. Prototypes of SNES games have recently been leaked, and with it came BUNCHES of content. y0shin / Yoshin / Diantha of the MFGG Discord found ...
Downloads: 413
Added: 07/25/20
[DL] Wart in Super Mario Land 2 style By: SonicKade2048
An idea given to me by Diantha / Yoshin / y0shin on the MFGG Discord. I was looking for something to make as a sprite sheet, so here we go.

Give credit if used, please.
Downloads: 758
Added: 07/11/20
[DL] Splatoon: Torrential Climb sprites By: SonicKade2048
Used in our submission for the MFGG 2020 Game Jam. Give credit if used, please.

Play the game here:¶m=02&c=2&id=37117
Downloads: 706
Added: 07/11/20
[DL] deltarune Kris in The Legend of Zelda 1 style By: SonicKade2048
Just an idea that sprung up a couple of hours ago. Includes "evil" sprites as seen in deltarune's Chapter 1 ending. I also had an idea for Link in deltarune's style, but I'm saving that for another day, as it will take much longer. ...
Downloads: 499
Added: 05/26/20
[DL] [v1.2] Sonic in Super Mario Land 1 & 2 By: SonicKade2048
I was thinking how there's sprites of Sonic the Hedgehog in SMB1, SMW, and I even attempted my own SMB3 sheet in the past, but it's never crossed my mind until then that (by my viewpoint) I've never seen many people go for the GAME BOY / ...
Downloads: 1543
Added: 03/08/20
[DL] [Original] Kirb's Return to Funland - Tileset v2.5 By: SonicKade2048
A revamp of my previous tileset, made for a game concept I have. Give credit if used, please. Scenery, more tile variants, and other themes coming later.
Downloads: 734
Added: 09/22/19
[DL] Super Mario Bros. Multi - Various Characters in SMB1 (v1.1) By: SonicKade2048
[NOTE: Yes, I know Sonic is here despite him being a SEGA character. I spoke to a staff member and he/this sheet will fall under the Crossover section, to put it simply.]

This small project-ish thing of mine attempts to add various video game ...
Downloads: 3179
Added: 08/01/19
[DL] [Edits] - Pokémon Trainers Re-done By: SonicKade2048
Hello, hello! While this sheet may be small, it includes re-edited Pokémon Trainer sprites in the Gen 1 and 2 art style (meaning the Game Boy). As suggested by (former) admin Yoshin, I may add future-generation Trainers as well, so keep an eye out!
Downloads: 1140
Added: 07/15/19
[DL] [Edits] [Incomplete] - SMB1 in Mega Man X (v2) By: SonicKade2048
A revision of an older sheet that has since been removed from this site, but don't worry, I included it here for those who want the old sprites back. It's mostly simple, having assets and sprites from/based on Mega Man X in here and in the Super ...
Downloads: 1946
Added: 05/24/19
[DL] [Edits] - SMB1 Mario/Luigi Refresh By: SonicKade2048
Something simple for now. I'll be using these in an upcoming sheet that will be a remake of an older one I created, but I thought it'd be nice to release the normal Mario sprites as-is. If there's any errors, please notify me so I can fix ...
Downloads: 1678
Added: 05/17/19
[DL] [Original] - ULTIMATE MARIO ENEMY SHEET SET: Goombas (Preview) By: SonicKade2048
This is the start of my large sheet series where I put every Super Mario enemy in the three art styles of SMB1, 3, and World. This is the preview of the Goomba sheet. Give credit if used, please, as all of these sprites were created by me alone. Thanks.
Downloads: 1756
Added: 05/13/19
[DL] UNDERTALE/EarthBound SMB1 Text Box By: SonicKade2048
Title says all. Includes a custom font, color text as you wish. Give credit if used, please.
Downloads: 1545
Added: 03/26/19
[DL] Edited SMW Icons and More [SEE DESC.] By: SonicKade2048

Most of these level/icon designs were not made originally by me, as their concept was created/edited by NO Body the Dragon. Please give credit to them as, again, most of these designs are not original/by me! All I did was enhance ...
Downloads: 1998
Added: 03/17/19
[DL] Kirb's Return to Funland - Tiles and Sprites By: SonicKade2048
While this IS for a project I have that stars a "non-Mario" character, it's still in the Super Mario universe, having Koopa Troopas, Warp Pipes, and a whole bunch of other stuff on top. I may as well release it since it could be of use ...
Downloads: 1286
Added: 12/27/18
[DL] bigpotato's Pokeys except they're fruits from NSMBW By: SonicKade2048
Credit goes to bigpotato for making the Super Mario Maker Pokeys sheet. These are the fruit variants as originally seen in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Yoshi in the thumbnail is credit to AwesomeZack. Give credit to me and bp if used, please.
Downloads: 1858
Added: 07/01/18
[DL] Glitch Strikers - Remade Enemies (+ Extras) By: SonicKade2048
A sheet consisting of remade enemies of a specific game trailer in the SMB1 and SMB2 art styles. Also includes redesigns of the originals. Give credit if used, please!
Downloads: 2132
Added: 06/24/18
[DL] Revamped Super Mario World Abilities By: SonicKade2048
This sheet has a goal of remaking a majority of power-ups from RapidTheHedgehog's Super Mario World power-up sheet. Only two of the "major" suits are completed as of now, but I plan to get more done in the future. For now, enjoy the Bunny ...
Downloads: 3383
Added: 06/21/18
[DL] Super Mario World (SNES) - NES Mario and Luigi By: SonicKade2048
A smaller sheet consisting of Mario and Luigi in Super Mario World's overworld scheme, but in their NES variants from the SMW bootleg on the NES instead.

Give credit if used, please.
Downloads: 2076
Added: 05/16/18
[DL] Green Hill Zone Totems (SMB1, 2, 3, & SMW) By: SonicKade2048
Some fancy totems usable in SMB1, 2, 3, and World now! Give credit if used, please.

NOTE: Please do not make SMAS versions of these without my permission. In my opinion it feels like stealing if you don't ask for permission before making ...
Downloads: 2129
Added: 05/01/18
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