Top 10 Games of 2014
Paper Mario 3D Land By: DJ Coco [E] [W]
The game is finally here - the long awaited Paper Mario 3D Land! As the name implies it combines the gameplay mechanics of Super Mario 3D Land with the charming visuals of the Paper Mario series. Run and jump through 16 unique levels from start to finish ...
Downloads: 232782 Comments: 115 [NEW] Score: 8 / 10
Added: 09/25/14
Super Mario Bros: Odyssey (Ch1) By: smbmaster99
Super Mario Bros Odyssey Ch.1 is a retelling of the very first Super Mario Bros game, with cutscenes, new sprites, original levels, unlockable skin-sets and levels, and a few characters and items from future Mario games. "Odyssey" is going ...
Downloads: 53933 Comments: 98 [NEW] Score: 9.1 / 10
Added: 02/09/14
Mario Land: Minigame Mayhem By: Kritter
Game of the Month Winner: August 2014

Over 80 quality Minigames, Achievements, Figurines and more! Welcome to the Mario Land Theme Park! The Mushroom Kingdom residents have wasted no time in setting up a multitude of fun and challenging games ...
Downloads: 15095 Comments: 63 [NEW] Score: 9.3 / 10
Added: 08/06/14
Abducted Toad By: Friendly Dictator [E] [W]
At long last, the full game is here!
Toad has been abducted by aliens! Now, with the help of a friendly alien who grants him spectacular powers, Toad must overthrow the evil King Purplius and restore peace to the alien world! But there may be ...
Downloads: 8571 Comments: 46 [NEW] Score: 9.6 / 10
Added: 10/03/14
Luigi Land: the Bootleg Invasion By: Cap'n Coconuts [W]
Trouble's brewing in Sarasaland again! Mario travels there to put a stop to the chaos but gets captured for his troubles. Luigi, not taking any chances, has E. Gadd upgrade the Sky Pop and flies it into Sarasaland, embarking on a challenging journey ...
Downloads: 4895 Comments: 26 [NEW] Score: 9 / 10
Added: 06/28/14
Luigi - Insanity By: LSF Games [W]
It all began on that one day... And Luigi will never forget what he experienced.

Movement = left&right
Examining = up
confirming = shift/enter
Downloads: 17529 Comments: 23 [NEW] Score: 7.5 / 10
Added: 10/31/14
Mini Game Compil 3 By: OmegaBowser [E] [W]
Game of the Month winner: November 2014

Mini Game Compil' 3 is a compilation of 16 mini games inspired by Nintendo licenses for the most part, and some others that aren't Nintendo's

Each minigame's goal is to reach ...
Downloads: 4322 Comments: 15 [NEW] Score: 8.5 / 10
Added: 09/23/14
Super Mario Country By: DJ Coco [E] [W]
Hello, MFGG! I think I have started working on this game some time after I put The Next Levels on ice... so its origins date way back to ancient times as well. But just like The Next Levels, I just couldn't let this project die! Demotivated to work ...
Downloads: 8506 Comments: 23 [NEW] Score: 7.2 / 10
Added: 07/24/14
Mario Kart - Blazing Wheels By: DJ Coco [E] [W]
Hello, MFGG!

Those of you who remember this project probably already forgot about its existence - and if not, they probably highly doubted this game would ever reach the day of completion. Well, to be honest, this game has been finished for ...
Downloads: 5846 Comments: 22 [NEW] Score: 7.2 / 10
Added: 01/04/14
Mario vs the Koopas Remix By: Castor
My second game about Mario's battle with the Koopas.

[Down key]=Spin
Downloads: 8674 Comments: 10 [NEW] Score: 6.8 / 10
Added: 04/20/14