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Rebuilt Smb3 Mario's other forms By: R3n3G1ck015 Sprite Sheets - Original
This is to say the Raccoon leaf, Tanooki suit, Hammer suit, and Frog suit. Also includes the "shrink-down" animation for standard Mario, as I forgot to put it in the first post.
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Added: 02/28/21
[SMB3 SNES] - Player Sprites World Map Extended By: Victor ManuelMR Sprite Sheets - Edited
There are unused small Mario sprites on the World Map.
So I just expanded the sprites to the other power-ups.
Downloads: 701 Comments: 3 [NEW]  
Added: 02/17/21
SMW Super Sheet Part 2: SMB3/SML1/2 By: GlacialSiren484, MauricioN64, SubPixuru, AwesomeZack, Jamestendo Sprite Sheets - Edited

Anyway, this might be the biggest part we have since I'm sure part 3 would end up being smaller by the time we are finished it. I'm glad to have been seeing this whole project ...
Downloads: 1306 Comments: 8 [NEW]  
Added: 02/16/21
Smb2 ground tileset By: 309846GB Tilesets - Original
I know the slopes aren't good but I didn't want to break the three color rule.
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Added: 02/16/21
MLSS Title Screen (Japanese and Chinese versions) By: xxxJohnnieWalker2005 Sprite Sheets - Ripped
Next up is the Japanese version of a title screen. You might be wondering why i ripped the chinese version of this. well, it's simple. when i saw that on tcrf. it actually inspires me to rip that ique logo & a chinese title screen. if you want to ...
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Added: 02/15/21
MLSS Rookie (Japanese Version) By: xxxJohnnieWalker2005 Sprite Sheets - Ripped
When i look up at the spriters resource website of Rookie. They said they will rip the Japanese Versions of Bowser & Rookie. However. It did not Happened. So i decided to rip these better looking rookie by myself. Except for the hammer & Fireballs. Because ...
Downloads: 195 Comments: 0  
Added: 02/15/21
MB (1983) - Mario and Luigi Expanded Sprite sheets (2021 Remake) By: xxxJohnnieWalker2005 Sprite Sheets - Edited
Introducing. a New Mario Brothers expanded sprites. We have his other moves such as Mario VB, Mario Clash, Mario Bros. Classic & Super Mario Maker. Hope you guys liked it. Enjoy.

Ripped & Edited by Me

By using:

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Added: 02/15/21
Playable Peach SMB By: _NB25_ Sprite Sheets - Edited
This is a sprite sheet of peach if she was a playable character on Super Mario Bros. I hope you like it and give credit if used
Downloads: 389 Comments: 2 [NEW]  
Added: 02/14/21
the Actual Yoshi in SMB 1985 Ver. be like... By: SuperDaltonMaker Sprite Sheets - Original
Credit goes to/from Inspired by AwesomeZack's Yoshi Sprites, Here is (Beta) Yoshi in SMB1 Version. Since Yoshi was made in 89, What would happened if Yoshi was made in NES back at 1985?

Hope you like it! If your using it, Credits to Me. ...
Downloads: 627 Comments: 14 [NEW]  
Added: 02/14/21
Enemies of smb2 style smb3 smas (Part1) By: AngelMGR Sprite Sheets - Original
I decided to make the enemies of Smb2 in the style of smb3 smas. And yes, enemies are missing, that's why I put that it was part 1 and the other enemies will be in part 2. You do not need permission to use these sprites, you are free to use them, ...
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Added: 02/13/21
Smb1 Bonus Area tileset (Revamped) By: 309846GB Tilesets - Original
The original bonus area short it here:¶m=02&c=1&id=37275
Downloads: 342 Comments: 1 [NEW]  
Added: 02/11/21
Custom Snifit Yoshi's Island Style By: ApolosGamer Sprite Sheets - Edited
the face is from a beta sprite of yi
Downloads: 244 Comments: 2 [NEW]  
Added: 02/10/21
Custom Luigi (2021 Version) By: DrZuplow Sprite Sheets - Original
Mario's younger brother finally enters the scene!
As with Mario, this Luigi is based off the SMBSS Live Action version.
Downloads: 472 Comments: 0  
Added: 02/10/21
Rebuilt Smb3 Mario By: R3n3G1ck015 Sprite Sheets - Original
First post. Here's a revised, personalized, and partially-modernized form of Mario, in his SMB3 form.
Downloads: 672 Comments: 2 [NEW]  
Added: 02/09/21
Super Mario Land Toad sheet By: 309846GB Sprite Sheets - Original
Self explanatory
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Added: 02/07/21
Toadette Map Sprites (Original SMW Style) By: GlacialSiren484 Sprite Sheets - Edited
Yeah so apparently I have this sitting in my files collecting dust for months and now I decide to publicly release it.
Man am I an organized person.

Part 2 of the SMW sheet is almost done I just need to polish it up so expect it somewhere ...
Downloads: 472 Comments: 1 [NEW]  
Added: 02/06/21
Smb1 Volcano Tileset By: 309846GB Tilesets - Original
Nothing to say about it actually.
Downloads: 306 Comments: 0  
Added: 02/05/21
SMB1 Styled Jumpman By: OneFlea Sprite Sheets - Edited
It's about time I made another submission.

"Jumpman Jumps into the world of Super Mario Bros. with this sheet."
Downloads: 618 Comments: 5 [NEW]  
Added: 02/01/21
SMAS Custom Pipe Land Background By: SuperSledgeBro Sprite Sheets - Original
An original background for pipe-themed levels like the World 7 in Super Mario Bros 3. The sheet contains tiles for you to make large water tanks and connected pipes. Also includes an optional alternate palette.
Downloads: 669 Comments: 3 [NEW]  
Added: 02/01/21
Smb1 Mountain Tileset By: 309846GB Tilesets - Original
Yes I know it's been done a million times but, I want to try it to so...
Downloads: 234 Comments: 0  
Added: 01/30/21
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