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Mario PC
By: 4 Eyes
This was one of our first games which properly mimiced the Mario feel. Includes mushrooms, Koopas and the like.
Completion: Demo Genre: Platform

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[O] Created: Sep 27 2003, 3:02 AM
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FREAK51 Oct 9 2006, 1:27 PM
Is this scrapped?
wfmp Dec 15 2006, 10:16 PM
nope,it say demo
SnakeEater Aug 26 2007, 7:34 AM
heh heh heh, no jumping sound, some reason you can get stuck in the pipe and just some other stuff, i'm ok to tell everyone for tgf how-to do a jump sound, first on the net search for the jump sound, wave file (you probaly knew that)
then in events editor of the level add a new condition, right click mario, animation, Has an animation finished? then choose jumping animation, then when that condition is there make it play the sound that you download off the net and test it, this wasn't a perfect tutorial but at least helps, good morning/day/night...
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