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[DL] Kritter&blue Kritter By: dracoaftonyoshi [E]
This is based on their design from the original donkey Kong country it the stylized stylized to mimic super Mario world at least the best of my ability Other than that you can use it if you want just be sure to give credit (also I really want somebody ...
Downloads: 436
Added: 01/16/21
[DL] build a bowser sprite sheet By: dracoaftonyoshi [E]
This is a bowser rig made by me if you want I can make a down scale of it but for now you get to make begg bowser this is a re skin of m&lbis bowser but I worked really hard on it ether way enjoy!
Downloads: 1057
Added: 08/01/20
[DL] Koopa car smw By: dracoaftonyoshi, supah-Luigi [E]
Original sprite by supah-luigi

Smm2 is a great game one of the coolest features is the Koopa car

With this you can make a stage feel like a mk track or make one where you kill Brian from familyguy (it’s a joke ok) use for what ...
Downloads: 1417
Added: 07/13/19
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