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[DL] Custom Super Mario Bros. Enemies By: ipuresonic99 [E]
A number of small custom Mario enemies.
Downloads: 2791
Added: 08/09/11
[DL] Custom Castle and Flag By: ipuresonic99 [E]
This was based off of the original SMAS version. Took about half an hour.
Downloads: 3237
Added: 05/08/11
[DL] Custom Health Bar By: ipuresonic99 [E]
These can be used for games (which is highly recommended). This was created with SMB3 in mind.
Downloads: 2840
Added: 05/08/11
[DL] Donkey Kong Arcade Sprites By: ipuresonic99 [E]
100% custom sprites brought to you by ipuresonic99! This sheet is, like I said, 100% custom. Includes Donkey Kong Arcade Donkey Kong, 'Jumpman', Fireball w/Oil can, floor tiles, Barrels and ladders.
Downloads: 4099
Added: 12/24/10
[DL] Custom Big Mario By: ipuresonic99 [E]
As the sequel to my Custom Small Mario, I have made big Mario. I probably will update this with more poses.
Downloads: 2257
Added: 11/18/10
[DL] Custom Small Mario By: ipuresonic99 [E]
My first submission!
Downloads: 2306
Added: 11/17/10
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