Review Information
Game Reviewed Super Mole Hole, by Swoof
Review Author homerisasimpson
Created Jul 6 2021, 5:55 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Super Mole Hole is an addicting mining game with Mario staples such as power-ups, Bullet Bills, and much more. The game play is addictive and the game is overall a delight to play and revisit.
Pros The pros are...
- Addicting game play
- Mario Power Ups and References
- Breaks the mold of a simple mining game
Cons The cons are...
- The game feels chaotic and random at times.
9 / 10
The game play is tight and fun. Power-ups add an extra level of depth, the bridge building ability assists you in game play, but not enough to make it feel like the game is hand feeding you. A brilliant mix for hardcore and casual gamers.
10 / 10
The graphics follow the Mario format and are charming to look at.
10 / 10
The sound effects fit the game well, and the music is just Mario but gives a 1800s mining vibe adding to the game's aesthetic.
Final Words
10 / 10
Overall, this game is a delight to play, and encourages you to keep playing and try new strategies. An incredible impressive mining game.

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