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[DL] Super Mario World - Custom Luigi By: Blutorus
A sheet that I meant to finish a long while ago but never got around to doing. This sheet provides custom-made Luigi sprites for use in Super Mario World! I felt like making them because I personally think the official Luigi sprites could be a bit better. ...
Downloads: 1331
Added: 04/14/17
[DL] Super Mario Maker - Super Mario Bros. 2 Style By: Blutorus
(Update 2/25/16 - Added some things)

Two months of on and off work has produced one of the first completed fanmade skins to be compatible with Super Mario Maker! Special thanks to mamaluigi, Black Squirrel, M.r. figi, Random Talking Bush, ...
Downloads: 6773
Added: 11/08/15
[DL] Super Mario Maker - Lanky Mario By: Blutorus
A mostly custom sheet of "Lanky Mario," the state of when Mario collects a Luigi Mushroom. The jump pose in the entire sheet is the only ripped pose, but everything else is about 95% custom. Please give credit if used.

Oh yeah, and ...
Downloads: 2655
Added: 07/31/15
[DL] Super Mario Maker - Various SMB1 Sprites By: Blutorus
This sheet contains recreated versions of various sprites found in Super Mario Maker while in the Super Mario Bros. style, collected from various trailers and gameplay videos. No credit is needed.
Downloads: 4314
Added: 06/17/15
[DL] Custom Koopas (2 for 1) By: Blutorus
A custom sprite sheet of Koopa Troopas, complete with two different styles of mine. I was originally intending to do one style, but I figured, "Hey! Why not?" So, here it is. Feel free to use this as long as credit is given.
Downloads: 1089
Added: 06/15/15
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