Happy Mar10 day!
Mar 10 2021, 9:30 AM

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Today is March 10, so it's Mario day!

I want to make an apology for those who submitted some resources and took long to review.

Not all of the staff is online 24/7 and we are dealing with some IRL stuff.

Now enjoy these updates

Recent Additions
Thumbnail Mario is Allergic to Sunlight (Visual Novel)
[Other] By visualnovelguy
WARNING: This game contains violence.

In this visual novel, you play as Luigi as you ...
Hacks, Mods
Thumbnail Super Mario: The Friends' Rescue
[Super Mario World] By CrypticTheCrypt
My first submission ever to MFGG! I spent 9 months doing this, so I really hope you will enjoy playing ...
Thumbnail Super Mario Bros. Advance 2: Super Mario Bros. 3
[Super Mario World] By King Mayro
A new 11 world Mario adventure awaits you in Super Mario Bros. Advance 2: Super Mario Bros. 3. Brand ...
Thumbnail Super Kekcroc World 3
[Super Mario World] By Knucklesfan
Kekcroc World is back and better than ever! Super Kekcroc World 3 is the latest game in the Super Kekcroc ...
Thumbnail Super Mario Kart Wii (Super Mario Kart Hack)
[OTHER (Please Specify)] By Astroclimber26
This Hack aims to remake every Nitro Track (plus a few retros) from MKWii in Super Mario Kart. So far ...
Goombas (SNES-Style) By Mr.Pink Teddy
Koopa Troopas (SNES-Style) By Mr.Pink Teddy
Hammer Bros (SNES-Style) By Mr.Pink Teddy
Bob-omb (SNES-Style) By Mr.Pink Teddy
Sewer theme (pseudo ripped tileset) By CuriosityToad
Sonic Suit Mario By _NB25_
Special Goomba (SMM2 Custom Enemy) By JosueCr4ft
SMW styled YI DS Windbag & Nipper Dandelion/Spore By Tsutarja
SMB Beta Full Sprites Sheet (with Unused MOCKUP Concepts) By SuperDaltonMaker
Smb1 Desert Cave Tileset By 309846GB
Custom Biddybud Yoshi's Island Style By ApolosGamer
Super Mario Maker 2: (Most) UI Elements By SubPixelGamer
GreenHills in SMW Style - Tiles and Background By Linkstorm Z
Rebuilt Smb3 Mario's other forms By R3n3G1ck015
SMB - Grassy Forest (?) - Concept By VannyArts
Scorpion Donkey Kong classic By nicoluigi
SML2 Bee Baddies By onidrills
SMW - Peach and Daisy like players By Linkstorm Z
Bowser By OmegaF.
Bowser Statue By OmegaF.
SMM Custom Series - Enemy Bundle #2 By Mariofan230
SMM Customs Series - Koopa Troopa By Mariofan230
Smb3 Beach Tileset By 309846GB
Beach world map tiles By 309846GB
Level Editor + Save and Load With .txt Files By SuperSledgeBro

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Mar 10 2021, 9:33 AM
4 hacks in a row, wow!
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