Yet another Mario Fan Games Galaxy Update
Apr 19 2021, 6:26 AM

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Apart from the release of a certain fangame (which isn't really a fangame), not much has been happening in the community.

At least... for now! Hohohohohoh, stay tuned my friends, a new community event might be coming soon. A competition perhaps? :)

But until then, here are some submissions to check out.

Recent Additions
Thumbnail Essence Of Waluigi
[Platform] By DrZuplow
DrZuplow is back with his first attempt at a serious fan game!

5 years ago, Luigi was killed ...
Thumbnail Super Mario Kart NES
[Other] By TeddyRoseKidd
I theorized what mario kart on the NES would look like, and developed a mario kart game that would follow ...
SMAS SMB3 Switchboard By GoldBrick Studio
BombGuy in SMM2 Styles By MasterDarkar
Larry Koopa (New Super Mario Bros 2) By Larry Koopa Is Awesome
Maro's 3D Forms (Pt. 2) By R3n3G1ck015

Okay, why is SM64 Plus not under new games? Whatever...
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