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It's been added in now!
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This is a pretty great tileset! It fits the SMW style very well while being unique and sorta unconventional. (with the different middle tiles for example, which is a really nice touch btw)
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Quote (ShyGuyNo1 on Jun 26 2020, 9:30 AM)
how was this used in super mario construct, may i ask?

It's not currently in, we're working on a lava-centric update right now and Bullies are being added in the 2nd split of that. The 2nd split should start around the end of the month?
If you mean how the sprites are used, there are two walking frames and one for when the bullies are on a parachute. I'll probably have to update the sheet with a charge attack for the big one if that's added, but I posted it now as there aren't any good SMW bullies from what I've seen.