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Game Reviewed Luigi's Island, by skisbit
Review Author Ryan Silberman
Created Jun 27 2014, 3:56 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
The Year of Luigi may be over, but that doesn't mean Luigi isn't done trying to take over other games in his universe. Enter Luigi's Island, skisbit's attempt at Luigi's attempt at triumphing over Yoshi's ungodly amazing platforming adventure. Unfortunately, once you get past the visuals, that's when the game appears to be rather...lacking.

(Fun fact: This isn't the first time there's a game on MFGG called "Luigi's Island". That honor goes to Dialga's game of the same name released in 2006)
Pros -Graphics
Cons -Lack of variety
-The game doesn't try and go for its own identity
5 / 10
Luigi may control nicely, but that can only go so far. From what I've played, the game just seems to be going through the motions rather than try and stand out from simply being Yoshi's Island with Luigi. Worse, there are no power-ups to play with, nor are the levels really any spectacular. It's just Luigi running around, stomping on enemies.
9 / 10
There's no denying the appeal of Yoshi's Island's wonderful visual flair. And Luigi's MPA sprite fits pretty well with that scenery.
8 / 10
The same music as in Yoshi's Island. Eh, why not? It works.
2 / 10
Well, this IS a demo, so why would it have replay value? Especially when the levels don't really have THAT much meat to them?
Final Words
6 / 10
Yes, everything works. But when it comes right down to the core, you just have Luigi running and jumping on stuff. Nothing more.

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