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[DL] Lil' Brr & Lil' Cinder (Paper Mario N64-Style) By: Switch_Starzee
Palettes (mainly from Ember and Lava Bubble) and Lava Piranha flame from original sprite ripped by Retriever II
Downloads: 148
Added: 11/17/22
[DL] Mr. Blizzard (Super Mario 64 DS, Paper Mario N64-Style) By: Switch_Starzee
Mr. Blizzard 's different design in SM64DS which I believe is what Mizzter Blizzard is based on.
Downloads: 156
Added: 11/14/22
[DL] Mander (Paper Mario N64-Style) By: Switch_Starzee
Unused enemy from Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Original sprite by @Fraiseffddf4#2690 on Discord
Downloads: 209
Added: 11/13/22
[DL] Orb User (Paper Mario N64-Style) By: Switch_Starzee
Also includes Orbison and the unused Green palette.
Downloads: 161
Added: 11/10/22
[DL] Green Pokey (Paper Mario N64-Style) By: Switch_Starzee
A simple edit of spiked Pokey, but hopefully this will be helpful so one don't have to make edits again
Downloads: 112
Added: 11/09/22
[DL] Cheep Cheep (Paper Mario N64-Style) By: Switch_Starzee
Original Cheep Cheep sprite by @Fraiseffddf4#2690 on Discord (including idle and belly flop animation).
Design is more loyal to SPM's Cheep Cheep
Downloads: 166
Added: 11/07/22
[DL] Angry Sun (SMM2, Paper Mario N64-Style) By: Switch_Starzee
Angry Sun from SMM2's SMBU style, in PM64's style.
Downloads: 214
Added: 11/07/22
[DL] Biddybud (Paper Mario N64-Style) By: Switch_Starzee
Also include Para-Biddybud wings, animations, and multiple palettes.
Downloads: 144
Added: 11/07/22
[DL] Cherbil (Paper Mario N64-Style) By: Switch_Starzee
The cherry-like enemies from Super Paper Mario, in PM's style.
Downloads: 98
Added: 11/02/22
[DL] Stingby (Paper Mario N64-Style) By: Switch_Starzee
Stingby from various 3D Mario games in PM style.
Downloads: 134
Added: 11/02/22
[DL] Yux (Paper Mario N64-Style) By: Switch_Starzee
Original Yux sprite by @Fraiseffddf4#2690 on Discord
Downloads: 167
Added: 10/31/22
[DL] Bully (Super Mario 64, Paper Mario N64-Style) By: Switch_Starzee
Original sprite by @Fraiseffddf4#2690 on Discord
Downloads: 213
Added: 10/31/22
[DL] Snow Spike (Paper Mario N64-Style) By: Switch_Starzee
Snow Spike from New Super Mario Bros., based on the sprites in Paper Mario: Sticker Star.
Downloads: 166
Added: 10/27/22
[DL] Torpedo Ted & Torpedo Base (Paper Mario N64-Style) By: Switch_Starzee
Base Torpedo Ted sprite & Targeting TT palette done by @aqepo#2151 on Discord. I made the animations and Torpedo Base, as well as using the palette of Targeting TT to make Red Torpedo Base palette.
Downloads: 226
Added: 10/23/22
[DL] Wiggler (PM:SS, Paper Mario N64-Style) By: Switch_Starzee
Wiggler based on the one from Paper Mario: Sticker Star, in Paper Mario 64's style.
Downloads: 230
Added: 10/22/22
[DL] Micro Goombas By: Switch_Starzee
Well there. Small bois in PM64 style.
Credit to RetrieverII.
Downloads: 1218
Added: 05/27/18
[DL] Paper Mario Styled Spinia Family By: Switch_Starzee
Including Spinia, Spania and Spunia, but not unused characters. I accidently found Mihdoko's Spinia Sprite ( but she didn't animate ...
Downloads: 1107
Added: 05/05/18
[DL] PM Styled Scaredy Rat By: Switch_Starzee
Always wanted to make this.
Credit to RetrieverII for palettes, again. I spelled his name incorrectly for some of my earlier posts. Pardon.
Downloads: 1093
Added: 05/04/18
[DL] PM Styled Boo Guy By: Switch_Starzee
Nothing to say with this simple Boo + Shy Guy edit. Credit to Field Field of Koopers and RetrieverII for the original sprite.
Downloads: 1202
Added: 05/01/18
[DL] PM Styled Money Bag By: Switch_Starzee
This is one of the oldest sheets from my computer. General build by Vanilla451 and animated by me. Give Credit.
Downloads: 1151
Added: 04/29/18
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