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Game Reviewed Super Mario PC Challenge 6, by Ralph89
Review Author Alba Garcia Clerigues
Created Jun 24 2008, 11:18 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
It is a game of platforms that you can play with Mario or with Luigi in search of Bowser to defeat him and save the princess Peach. It contains meteorological effects, for example, the night, the snow and the rain. When you beat the game, you could send your score to the Ralph website. In my opinion this game is suitable for all kinds of public.
Pros With language choice. I can save the game. With meteorological effects. With hidden mini games. I can play with Mario or with Luigi. You can send your score.
Cons I can not choose the Spanish language. The jumps and the swims of Mario and Luigi are complicated to control. Without joystick. With time limit.
3 / 10
In this game I use the arrows of the keyboard to move Mario or Luigi; I use the escape key to open a menu; I use the space bar to choose things of the menu, to speak with Toad, to go to a place, to leave to a place, to jump and to swim.
5 / 10
The graphics are not usually very good and they are not of three-dimensions. Some levels have got some nice graphics, but there are others levels with poor graphics. There is a poor background with three colours that it is used for some levels of the game. The characters have got their graphics well, for example, Bowser has got its nice graphics, but its bracelets should be darker.
6 / 10
Some music of the game is not very bright; but also it has got bright music, for example, the music of the world map, the music of the victory and the music of the screen of the title are the brightest music. Also it has got sound effects, for example, I can hear sound effects when Mario takes coins, when Mario gets a life and when he is in a place where it is raining.
7 / 10
I can come back to play this game the times that I want with the game saved, also I can come back to watch my scores.
Final Words
5 / 10
It is a game of platforms with bad quality created with a program for RPG games.

Ralph89 Jul 12 2008, 3:30 PM
Sorry, I don't understand Spanish, so there was no possibility to translate the game into your language ;-).
I don't consider time-limits as negative, they are used in most Nintendo-games and I think that the time you get is fair. The meterological effects are by the way just accessories, I wouldn't give them too much importance.
However, it's true that the jump-system isn't so brillant and that some graphics are a bit ... strange for Mario-games.

In my next game (which will be finished soon) I have ameliorated the points that were criticized most (jumps, graphics, worldmaps ...).

Btw : I like it that you write your opinion although English isn't your native language :-).
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