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Game Reviewed Super Mario PC Challenge 6, by Ralph89
Review Author Nightwing
Created May 26 2005, 9:48 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Wash, rinse, repeat; this game is an abomination.
Pros It can be deleted from your hard drive, music is catchy
Cons Music is constantly repeating, characters cannot change direction in mid-jump, map is confusing, the game is inconsistent between the English and German versions, it's a platformer made in a program designed for created baseline RPGs, enemies appear to be invincible and have to be avoided, is named "6" presumably because there were five previous titles.
1 / 10
Tedious, gross, disjointed... coins have to touch the same approximate area below Mario's waistline (a feat very difficult to accomplish since you have no control of him in mid-air, and the jump itself is pretty erratic). I am a very skilled Mario player and this game has nothing about it that feels like a solid platformer and it's easy to see why other players were unable to finish it, the task is certainly possible; but because none of this game is fun or remotely compelling, I cannot see myself ever trying.
3 / 10
All the graphics that haven't been taken from previous Mario titles or the RPGmaker default sets look hideous, there is something on the game over screen that I'm not sure if it is a milk stain or a snake. The difference is not made clear by the boxy graphic. Also, many of the ripped sprites have suffered color loss due to compression and it just looks ugly. When a graphic wasn't big enough, the creator simply resized them and didn't clean up the pixelated mess afterwards.
3 / 10
There are no real sound effects, just loud incessant music that continues to blare throughout the course of the game; only changing of course when Mario attempts to stomp a koopa troopa; only to be shocked that he cannot kill it, and instead ends up losing a life; nevermind the fact no animation details any of this happening.
1 / 10
Unless you want to see more and more poorly ripped graphics from games ranging the entire Super Mario library; you really aren't going to find much to come back to.
Final Words
2 / 10
Horrific, a blasphemous attempt at a game that somehow got replaced with one of the worst Tiger electronics handheld titles, but with graphics and music that are all too familiar.

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