Bowsette / Boosette (DK Rom Hack)
By: Kazufox
Here is the Super Crowned editions of the Donkey Kong NES game featuring all 4 original levels. Play as either Mario or Luigi to take on Bowsette or Boosette. Works on Donkey Kong (World) (Rev A).nes ROM file.

Princess Peach has been kidnapped and it's up to Mario to stop Bowsette by climbing to the top of her castle!

Queen Boosette has trapped Mario in a painting, now Luigi must brave his way through the ghost filled mansion to rescue his brother and lock the ghost back into a painting.

Some of the changes applied include:
-Both Bowsette and Boosette have the "NES" (3 levels) and "OE" (4 levels) files included
-Applied Save Score patch to all included files
-Changed title screen and text
-Replaced enemies, items, and tilesets
-Edited Jumpman's sprites to look more Mario
-Replaced Pauline with confused Peach (Bowsette)/Mario in painting (Boosette)
Completion: Full Game Hack Type: Tweak
Base ROM: OTHER (Please Specify) Region: North America (NTSC)

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