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8-bit Kirby's Dreamland 3 - Grassland 4 By: Hypernova [W]
OGG 8-bit version of Kirby's Dreamland 3 - Grassland 4 I made in Famitracker (2A03). NSF file included.

Please give credit!
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Added: 07/21/19
Metroid - Kraidial Damage By: MC Jimmy [E] [W]
WAV A remix of the theme that plays in Kraid's Hideout for Metroid. This is a remix I composed for the fangame Famicom Fighters.
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Added: 06/02/19
Kid Niki : Radical Ninja - Badical By: MC Jimmy [E] [W]
WAV This is an arrangement which includes a theme from the 1st game, Kid Niki Radical Ninja, as well as a track from the 2nd and 3rd games which were Japanese only games under the title Kaiketsu Yanchamaru. This is a remix/arrangement that I made for the ...
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Added: 06/02/19
Castlevania Medley - Castlepainia By: MC Jimmy [E] [W]
WAV Here is a unique remix of various songs from Castlevania I, Castlevania II, and Castlevania III. Mostly Wicked Child and Aquarius with some Bloody Tears, Vampire Killer, and Monster Dance mixed in. This is a theme I created for the fangame Famicom Fighters. ...
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Added: 06/02/19
Pro Wrestling - Grappling Guru By: MC Jimmy [E] [W]
WAV Here is a spin on the main theme from the NES game Pro Wrestling for the fangame Famicom Fighters.
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Added: 06/02/19
Bomberman - Beat Down Bomber By: MC Jimmy [E] [W]
WAV Here is my rendition of the familiar Bomberman theme from the classic games for the fangame Famicom Fighters.
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Added: 06/02/19
Dig Dug - Fighting Dirty By: MC Jimmy [E] [W]
WAV This is my rendition of the main theme from Dig Dug while you are traversing the level for the fangame Famicom Fighters.
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Added: 06/02/19
Urban Champion - Urban Fighter By: MC Jimmy [E] [W]
WAV This is my rendition of the Street Fight Area 03 theme from Urban Champion for the fangame Famicom Fighters.
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Added: 06/02/19
Kirby Super Star (SNES) Rips By: Hypernova [W]
WAV While I was working on a game project I am facing difficult times finding Kirby Super Star sound effects. So I decided to rip these directly from a SNES emulator (SNES9x).

Credits are optional!
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Added: 05/22/19
SMG Honey Bee Voices By: Churros
WAV You encounter them on Beehive Galaxy
They work for Queen Bee.

They are kind of funny :3

Enjoy Honey Bee
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Added: 05/01/19
SMB3 Ghost House Simple Remix By: hdtv
WAV Some simple remixes. One of them is 8-bit.
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Added: 03/29/19
High Quality Super Mario World Sound Rips By: Hypernova [W]
WAV I am not too fond with most of the SMW sound rips on the internet due to some of the audio are not as accurate as the original SMW audio. So I ripped these instead. Although it is not 100% rip but I tried to include some of the audio that are not ripped ...
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Added: 02/21/19
Super Mario Land - All Sound Effects By: Vitiman
WAV The existing rip of the sounds from Super Mario Land are very lackluster - being muffled, poor application of noise reduction to isolate the sounds, and in general just a very low fidelity job.

These sounds were ripped from a highly accurate ...
Downloads: 3031 Comments: 1 [NEW]  
Added: 02/18/19
NSMB Mega Mushroom (SMB) By: MadNyle
OGG This is a SMB Demake i ever wanted to do. But it was complicated to replicate it in an NES Music engine composition.

I want to thank a friend in the Super Fanmade Mario Bros Discord Team. Gato, for helping me to adjust the timing for the song.
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Added: 02/13/19
Sega Genesis Style Mario Theme Song By: Guscraft 808 Beta 2.0 [E] [W]
OGG my first music, made with midi player by using a soundfont called the ultimate megadrive soundfont and you know thay genesis was also known as megadrive
Downloads: 743 Comments: 0  
Added: 10/30/18
SMB Underground Remixes By: hdtv
WAV I found a great music maker that works on a chromebook!
Anyway, here are two underground remixes. They are 8-bit.
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Added: 09/12/18
Dr. Mario 64 - Mario and Wario voices By: Dongman
WAV Ripped straight from the rom. It's impossible to rip Metal Dr.Mario and Vampire Wario's voices due to them being these same clips, just modified by the game itself. That was so they could save cartridge space. If someone wants to develop a "No ...
Downloads: 666 Comments: 0  
Added: 08/31/18
Mario Tennis (N64) - Daisy Voice Clips By: Churros
WAV Just enjoy the old daisy and also please credit me if you use my sounds thanks
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Added: 06/11/18
Mario and Luigi Paper Jam Voices (gamerip) By: amitsuja300
WAV I downloaded encrypted Mario and Luigi Paper Jam the I extracted Voices Sound Effects from Mario and Luigi Paper Jam.
I also converted from bcstm to wav on Paper Jam Voices.
Downloads: 1868 Comments: 2 [NEW]  
Added: 05/16/18
Super Mario Advance - Robirdo's Voice By: GBA64TCZ [E] [W]
WAV I couldn't find a download for these specific voice clips on MFGG, so I went ahead and extracted these babies with LGBA2AIF.
Downloads: 647 Comments: 0  
Added: 04/17/18
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