Super Music Bros - Covers and Arrangements By: AveCoo
You'll find some nifty covers and arrangements of some of my fave Mario tracks in this package, as well as some originals inspired by the style. All these tracks have a kind-of-mostly-acoustic vibe to them (there's a few electric guitars and synths, but it's mostly acoustic!) and should gel well together for any project you are using them on :)

Each track is labelled with a "BPM" (Beats Per Minute) which is the tempo, or speed, of the track. The higher the number, the faster the track. They also all come provided with a "no melody" version, which should prove useful if you need to move the music into the background (like in a scene where you pause the game for example). This version follows an external link in the Read Me however, due to upload size limitations.

There are 10 tracks includes, and the tracklist is as follows:

Pounce Bounce - Bowser's Fury
Gritzy Desert - Partners in Time
Jolly Roger Bay - Super Mario 64
Hammer Bros - Super Mario Bros 3
Beach Bowl - Super Mario Galaxy
Chai Kingdom - Super Mario Land
Wario's Castle - Super Mario Land 2
Overworld - Yoshi's Island

Hop Bop - Original Composition
Deep Sea Dive - Original Composition

Have fun, and happy listening!!

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Jun 9 2021, 10:46 PM
Good stuff - I hope you keep making both covers and original compositions!
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Jun 12 2021, 11:49 PM
Quote (VinnyVideo on Jun 10 2021, 8:46 AM)
Good stuff - I hope you keep making both covers and original compositions!

Thanks, Vinny :) Much appreciated!
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Jul 8 2021, 10:26 PM
These are some high quality covers. Do you have a Youtube or Soundcloud account?
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