Primary Role: Discord Administrator Other Roles: Main Site Administrator, Forum Moderator, Site Developer, Social Media Manager

Primary Role: Main Site Admin Other Roles: Forum Moderator

Fun With Despair
Primary Role: Discord Administrator Other Roles: Forum Administrator, Main Site Moderator

Primary Role: Main Site Moderator Other Roles: None

Primary Role: Site Developer Other Roles: Main Site Moderator, Wiki SysOp

Evil Yoshi Toes
Primary Role: Discord Moderator Other Roles: None

Primary Role: Site Developer Other Roles: None

Primary Role: Security Ninja Other Roles: None

Retriever II
Primary Role: Server Host Other Roles: None

Thunder Dragon
Primary Role: Founder Other Roles: We mortals cannot comprehend the power he possesses.

Special Thanks
Retriever II Currently hosting MFGG, has made immense contributions to MFGG including the system running the site. Former webmaster.
Black Squirrel Former Admin and great QC Admin. Handled 10,000 submissions.
Willy Goldwater Generously paid part of MFGG's hosting bill in the past.
Techokami In-depth testing, security help, and preparation for MFGG 2.0
DJ Yoshiman Stuck around MFGG since time began.
Kritter An original staffer of MFGG and creator of the old classic and the current new skins.
Mit Drew a modern version of the iconic "Computer Mario" and made the emotes that are currently used on the forums.
Char Former webmaster who contributed greatly to our site
Guinea Former admin who served as staff member for nearly a decade and led MFGG's first Community Fangame Project.
Medaforcer Used to volunteer administering badges to forum members.
Hylke Bons Made the MSN and AIM icons used on this page. (The other icons are from the Tango set)
Vitiman A charismatic member who helped out porting and making themes.
Staff icons made by Alexandra, Ashura, Bacteriophage, Dexy, Fujiko, Gato, Hypernova, and Stixdude.