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[DL] Q-Nova-Style Tracks By: Q-Nova [E]
The tracks that are known to be paths used by platforms, enemies, items, etc, are now in my style, with a design that is inspired by the tracks from Super Mario Maker. Inside this tileset are two different sets of tracks you can use. One of them has ...
Downloads: 760
Added: 12/22/16
[DL] Q-Nova-Style Podoboo By: Q-Nova [E]
The Podoboos (also known as Lava Bubbles) are now in my style, as they are hopping and splashing into the lava pools! This sprite sheet includes hopping, turning, falling, and hurt poses, and there is even a blue alternate palette of it!
Downloads: 831
Added: 03/16/16
[DL] Q-Nova-Style Switches By: Q-Nova [E]
A number of switches are pressed into the world that is in my style! This sprite sheet includes P-Switches, ? Switches, the switches from Mario vs. Donkey Kong, and more!

No credit needed if you use this sprite sheet (although it is appreciated ...
Downloads: 879
Added: 02/16/16
[DL] Q-Nova-Style Bumper By: Q-Nova [E]
The bumpers that are from the game, Super Mario Maker, have now bumped into the world of Mario characters and elements in my style! This sprite sheet includes the four designs that were seen in Super Mario Maker, along with a new design!

This ...
Downloads: 1332
Added: 01/21/16
[DL] Q-Nova-Style Cheep Cheep By: Q-Nova [E]
Those Cheep Cheeps are now swimming in the waters of the "Q-Nova-Style" world! A couple sub-species of the Cheep Cheeps, which are Blurps and Spiny Cheep Cheeps, are also in "Q-Nova-Style"!

Credit not needed (though, it ...
Downloads: 746
Added: 12/18/15
[DL] Goomba - Invasion of the Vorticons By: Q-Nova [E]
Those little brown mushrooms are now in the style of the Invasion of the Vorticons trilogy from Commander Keen. This was part of my entry for a Sprite Competition on the forums.

You don't need to give credit (I would appreciate it if you ...
Downloads: 1057
Added: 11/30/15
[DL] The Flooded Tower Custom Graphics Set By: Q-Nova [E]
This sprite sheet contains all of the graphics that I have made for the game, The Flooded Tower. There's even am unused background and some unused conveyor belts.

You don't need to give me credit (though, it is appreciated!) if you ...
Downloads: 1190
Added: 11/11/15
[DL] Q-Nova-Style Items V2 By: Q-Nova [E]
Almost all of the items that were from that one items sprite sheet I have made back then, are now updated to V2! Also, some of the items that weren't in the previous items sheet have now landed in the world of "Q-Nova-Style"!

Credit ...
Downloads: 1533
Added: 11/09/15
[DL] Q-Nova-Style Piranha Plant V2 By: Q-Nova [E]
Remember that one Piranha Plant sprite sheet I had made back then? If so, then guess what? Those Piranha Plants are now upgraded to version two, and that's not just it! Sub-species of the Piranha Plants, such as the Bungee Piranhas and Ptooies, are ...
Downloads: 951
Added: 10/21/15
[DL] Q-Nova-Style Koopa Troopa By: Q-Nova [E]
The world of Mario characters in my style may be not really threatening, but you might want to think again, because the Koopa Troopas have landed in the world of "Q-Nova" style Mario characters and elements! Not only the Koopa Troopas have ...
Downloads: 993
Added: 09/19/15
[DL] Q-Nova-Style Block Tileset By: Q-Nova [E]
Doesn't the world of "Q-Nova" style Super Mario characters feel a bit empty without any blocks? Well, not anymore! This tileset contains most of the block that are in many different Mario games (there's even a couple blocks that are ...
Downloads: 1554
Added: 09/13/15
[DL] A Typical Day Custom Graphics Set By: Q-Nova [E]
This is a sprite sheet that contains all of the custom-made graphics that were originally made for the game, A Typical Day.

Credit goes to Qwertyuiop666 for giving me permission to use his ref.
Downloads: 1121
Added: 08/03/15
[DL] Nightmare's Revenge Custom Graphics Set By: Q-Nova [E]
A sprite sheet that contains (almost) all of the custom-made graphics that were seen in the game, Nightmare's Revenge. It also contains an unused portal hazard and a unused Luma animation.
Downloads: 878
Added: 08/01/15
[DL] Bob-Ball Custom Graphics Set By: Q-Nova [E]
A sprite sheet that contains nearly all of the custom-made graphics that were seen in Bob-Ball!
Downloads: 800
Added: 07/30/15
[DL] Q-Nova-Style Warp Pipe Tileset By: Q-Nova [E]
If you want to have some Q-Nova style characters go into warp pipes without any clashing styles, then this is the tileset for you! Not only this contains the regular Warp Pipe, but it also contains those black 'n yellow Warp Pipes from NSMB2, Clear ...
Downloads: 1060
Added: 06/23/15
[DL] Q-Nova-Style Goomba V2 By: Q-Nova [E]
Those Goombas that are in my style are now upgraded to V2, and a few sub-species have been upgraded to Q-Nova style!

What's different from the original Q-Nova style Goomba sheet, is that the appearance of the Goomba has slightly changed, ...
Downloads: 719
Added: 06/02/15
[DL] Q-Nova-Style Mario Bros Pests By: Q-Nova [E]
Remember those pests that were attacking the sewers? Well, some of those pests are overrunning the Q-Nova sewers! This sheet includes Sidestepper, Fighter Fly, and Freezie! There is even palettes of the blue Sidestepper, pink Sidestepper, and Super Fly! ...
Downloads: 984
Added: 04/20/15
[DL] Q-Nova-Style Bob-Omb By: Q-Nova [E]
The toy-like bombs are finally fired from their cannons, which caused them to appear in my style. There may be no explosion sprite, but there are palettes of the Bob-Omb Buddies and the SMB3 Bob-Ombs!
Downloads: 670
Added: 04/08/15
[DL] Q-Nova-Style Items By: Q-Nova [E]
Items from the Super Mario series are now here in my style. Ranging from Mushrooms, to Fire Flowers, to Stars, almost every item from the series are here! This sprite sheet even includes a few items from the fangame, Super Mario Bros Dimensions! It also ...
Downloads: 1160
Added: 03/16/15
[DL] Q-Nova-Style Piranha Plant By: Q-Nova [E]
As the Piranha Plants come out of their pipes, they are now in my style! It includes the Venus Fire Trap, along with green and underground pallets.
Downloads: 751
Added: 03/12/15
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