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Game Reviewed Super Mario Bros. DDX, by Guinea
Review Author ipuresonic99
Created Aug 9 2011, 10:26 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
A good game definetely worth playing. A good way to refresh your memory and reminds me of SMAS. It's a good way to take an old game and turn it into this masterpiece.
Pros It brings back memories of when you play the original SMB with a ton of new features like the Mario Start! at the beginning of levels and the Boo, Ghost Houses, Hammer Bro battles, and tons of nostalgia moments.
Cons Geez, this is a hard one...uh...well, If i had to say, then I guess it would be that some of the levels are ridiculously hard. That's about it.
7 / 10
I found it hard to skid and change direction when you jump in SMB, but I had no problems with this game. Wish there was more levels though :(
9 / 10
I like how you took the old graphics and revamped them to these graphics. (although i did see a sprite sheet of these sprites... anyway, I still like it)I also like the way the enemies flip when you hit them with a fireball.
8 / 10
I like the sound from different games you put here. So I guess It's pretty good.
7 / 10
Replaying this game is kinda nice, but it's not really the game to play over and over. first time through is the best, but its cool noticing things you never noticed the first time through.
Final Words
9 / 10
Overall, It's a great game and surely worth playing.

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Aug 27 2011, 12:45 PM
Thanks for the great review.

You said you saw the sprite sheet of the game somewhere?
I never gave permission to use them outside of this game, so wherever you saw them, they probably ripped them from my game without permission. So yeah, the sprites are all made (as in: edited from the original SMB graphics) by me.

As for the more levels, did you unlock the secret 11 levels that you can select through stage select after unlocking?
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Sep 1 2011, 2:01 AM
Quote (Guinea on Aug 27 2011, 11:45 AM)
did you unlock the secret 11 levels that you can select through stage select after unlocking?

I got a few, but not all yet :)
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