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[DL] Yoshi - Sticker Star Style By: Larry Koopa Is Awesome
This was requested by EricGLTheNoName96 on VG-resource, but since VG-resource would obviously reject this submission due to "It's just resized color splash" I've submitted it here.
Downloads: 963
Added: 12/06/16
[DL] Larry Koopa - Sticker Star By: Larry Koopa Is Awesome
Now people, people
I know you probably would want me to upload something non Larry, but I felt that I had to upload this one, don't worry though, I'll try to make something different next submission, I just need to think of what to make ...
Downloads: 668
Added: 11/27/16
[DL] Over World - Larry Koopa. FNAF World By: Larry Koopa Is Awesome
Fnaf World Style Larry Koopa overworld, It is free to use for any hack, fan game, animation, or whatever other thing you could think of, I used Larry's New Super Mario Bros 2 model for pre-renders.
Downloads: 861
Added: 11/18/16
[DL] Larry Koopa - Paper Mario Color Splash! By: Larry Koopa Is Awesome
This was ripped by Inc-Larry on tumblr
the ZIP rip is here - https://mega.nz/#!aRZWBC6a!esqDSMAoqCkt8DgbNl6hHTvgTNCugMHSiqTrbgnP6Xg
Downloads: 687
Added: 10/14/16
[DL] Larry Koopa (Paper Mario Sticker Star) By: Larry Koopa Is Awesome
I would have submitted a TTYD style put together, but the body is too small and the arm is too large on my assembled version.
Downloads: 818
Added: 08/10/16
[DL] Larry Koopa - New Super Mario Bros 2 By: Larry Koopa Is Awesome
I cut these out of a video, More Animations that I can get from the video may come soon, It's not guaranteed though
Downloads: 1367
Added: 07/08/16
[DL] Larry Koopa 3D-ish Sprites By: Larry Koopa Is Awesome
I honestly don't know what game category this fits into, I'm thinking maybe Donkey Kong Country or New Super Mario Bros. I'm thinking more Donkey Kong Country, and maybe not New Super Mario Bros. What do you guys think?

Credit ...
Downloads: 1344
Added: 06/19/16
[DL] Larry Koopa Undertale Battle Style By: Larry Koopa Is Awesome
I completely custom made this, with no image references, no images edited, no nothing, don't insult it, It is after all, my first Undertale Battle Sprites
I actually made these on April 8th 2016, but I completely forgot to submit them to mfgg ...
Downloads: 1354
Added: 05/27/16
[DL] Larry Koopa - New Super Mario Bros. By: Larry Koopa Is Awesome
I made this out of a spiny, a fire bro, and a sledge bro. I custom made the head.

I added more sprites and better walking movement than last time.
Downloads: 1242
Added: 07/02/15
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