Review Information
Game Reviewed Yoshi RPG: Secret Legends, by DJ Yoshiman
Review Author King_Dark_Ice
Created Jul 26 2004, 3:17 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
A very Great Engine with very good programming to it. I wish the glitches were fixed and the game was finished.
Pros Gameplay. Real 3D Movement, with rpg elements that kind of suck because of it's bugs. 3D jumping gave it a good run at first.
Cons This game contains many bugs. When you press enter, it skips right on to the next level. And many other glitches.
5 / 10
The best part of it all. The Gamplay is a 3D-movement rpg-style engine. You can even jump while moving in 3D forms. Very nice. But, the bugs in this game do NOT impress me. Therefor, I give gameplay a five.
10 / 10
Great! Custom Yoshi Graphics (I think), Custom Village sprites, and other 3D-ish sprites that look well in the game.
9 / 10
Very good sound effects, and the music is fine with me. I don't really mind much here.
4 / 10
Almost horrible for me. I didn't like the really long, boring mini-movies. That's probably my only reason. But also because of the bugs. Not fun at all with them.
Final Words
5 / 10
Very nice, but short and bug-filled game. Many glitches and problems. Although this is a very good movement engine for most games. Good job with the sounds aswell. I give this game an overall rating of FIVE.

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