SMC (NES SMB) - Editor Icons & Sprites By: Smuglutena
Quite a few assets from Super Mario Construct's NES SMB theme before we made the switch to the SMAS SMB theme, leaving these unused as of snapshot 4. Some of these sprites are edited from SMB/SMBDX/VS SMB. Feel free to go ahead and use these for some of your projects, but please do provide credit if you do.
Type Info
Format Sprite Sheets Sprites and animation frames saved in a static image medium.
Contents Edited Modification of existing sprites.

Update History
02/11/22  Mostly just clarifying that these sprites are currently unused in Super Mario Construct now.
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Mar 18 2022, 3:09 AM
can i use these for a project im making?
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May 15 2022, 2:04 AM
Quote (SamButSam on Mar 18 2022, 3:09 AM)
can i use these for a project im making?

I don’t speak for the creator but ._. There is a give credit if used spot on the sheet so yeah you can use it
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