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[DL] mario 1 resprited (small + items & objects) By: SilverVortex [E]
yep, i've waited a few months once again to submit, and this time it could actually be useful! as far as i know, these could actually work with an nes super mario bros rom (the colours might need to be changed though).
give credit, don't ...
Downloads: 942
Added: 04/15/19
[DL] vortex's 8-bit small mario By: SilverVortex [E]
wow i haven't submitted for like forever
this is a small mario for a 8-bit collection of sprites.
everything else comes soon.
give credit
Downloads: 2137
Added: 01/07/18
[DL] Ex-Lib: LOZ: Four Swords Mario By: SilverVortex, James Bradshaw Layfield [E]
this is a conversion of james bradshaw layfield's LOZ four swords mario. this is a part of project ex-lib, and i own none of this. please hand your credit to james bradshaw layfield. thank you.
Downloads: 1891
Added: 08/20/17
[DL] custom tiles By: SilverVortex [E]
a custom tileset to kick off my submission list. credit to mit for the mario in the thumbnail.
Downloads: 1768
Added: 08/15/17
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