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Game Reviewed Super Mario Prism, by Hello
Review Author Clobbah
Created Mar 23 2019, 2:02 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Super Mario Prism seems to be Hello's MFGG comeback. It's the game that stands out the most from his other games due to the fact that it's in 3D and uses an original engine which is nice to see. However, that being said, the game itself is PLAGUED with a multitude of problems that hurt the game and keep it from being even mediocre.
Pros -Something new for a change.
-MFGG's first Mario 64 styled game
-Sound design
-Animations actually have facial movement for once in a 3D game!
-Good visuals
Cons -Slippery and awkward controls
-Jumping animation plays even when you land
-Precision platforming that the controls weren't made for.
-Mediocre animations
-Terribly difficult
2 / 10
This has to be the game's worst part. Mario has a lot of moves from his other games which is good, but he plays so badly. His long jump sends you flying i you continuously use it, he has bad acceleration and deceleration, and precision platforming is a difficult chore. You can't even collect coins in one circle! The enemies are also hard to kill if you don't stop and wait to jump on them. The game in general is VERY difficult. Not challenging, DIFFICULT. It's almost impossible to beat the first level unless you go at a snail's pace. This game really should have had play-testers.
5 / 10
The lighting and shadows are pretty good, enemies are expressive, and everything looks well put together visually. However, that's where the praise ends. Mario's animations are awkward and too fast for his walking animation. There's pretty much no landing animation either, so Mario's jump and fall animations keep laying until they're over and done. I shocked that it was allowed to stay like this.
8 / 10
Now this is the game's BEST part in my opinion. The sounds are crisp, clean, and do what they need to do. Good job in this department, Hello.
1 / 10
If you're really bored you could try to find a bit of enjoyment, but I'll pass.
Final Words
2 / 10
Hello's 3D debut is good visually but full of various problems. Please update this.

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