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Game Reviewed Super Mario Prism, by Hello
Review Author Jackninja5
Created Mar 31 2019, 5:44 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Overall, this is a bad game, like very bad. I don't mean to hurt anyone's feelings but this game really needs to have another look at before actually being released for the world to play. The controls need to be easier implemented and the camera needs to stop dashing like it does because it can make one very giddy.
Pros +Design is really top notch. I almost confused this for an actual Mario game.
Cons -Lack of real control over your gameplay
-Dizzying graphics
-Basic things being incredibly complex
1 / 10
I didn't go far in the game so maybe it's too soon but the controls are quite awful. Basic functions like moving, which is supposed to be walking are damn near impossible and I cannot jump on the Goombas as easily as it should be. Mario is sliding not walking and it's overall hard to do anything you want in this.
2 / 10
The design is good so that gets a pass but the graphics as a whole atrocious. When Mario moves, the camera sort of has some blurs which is very dizzying and distracting. The graphics and the gameplay go hand in hand in this one for how bad they are.
9 / 10
The sound is brilliant so no criticisms here.
1 / 10
Nope, I won't replay this unless it's improved upon.
Final Words
1 / 10
The game, while seemingly promising with the design, is incredibly difficult to play and not in a challenge way as the graphics, controls and camera shots are done so poorly, you lack the feeling you control yourself in the game if you are not giddy from the graphics.

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