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The Search for new Main Site Staff
Mar 26 2022, 8:50 PM

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Hey everyone, I know I haven't posted an update myself in a good while, and that's because... I haven't really needed to. Our Main Site Admin, Gate, does a great job, and don't worry - he's not going anywhere.

But if some of you have noticed that the queue times have been very slow for the past while, that's because Gate is more or less our only dedicated main site staffer taking care of it. While managing the main site queue isn't an insurmountable task for one person, it can certainly be rather time consuming for one guy to run through, which is why for the first time in years, we're looking for some new Main Site Staff members!

The role itself involves a variety of duties, such as moderating comments, accepting content that adheres to our submission guidelines, handling reports, and making update posts just like this one.

If you're interested in applying, just fill out this application form and answer our test questions. The questions, beyond the basic identifying ones, are mostly just simple tests to see how well you understand our content guidelines and comment rules, as well as to see how you handle situations and why you'd feel something is worth accepting or declining. Don't stress yourself out over these, just take it slow and have fun.

You can the application form below:

...Oh, and I guess take an update too. Not much to this one though, the last one was only four days ago after all.

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