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Quote (MktheusPr0z on Jun 2 2020, 10:08 AM)
And what gamemaker he make the game? the 2? or the 1?

Game Maker Studio 1.4
May 29 2020, 6:09 AM See Page
Also. If anyone is getting dumped right into the forest after the Act 5 title card, please redownload the game since I have patched that issue. I am so sorry for the rush since the game jam starts tomorrow and I don't have much time to spare.
May 29 2020, 5:31 AM See Page
If any of y'all are facing issues running the game. Please be sure that you have the latest version of DirectX installed. To get it, please check this URL:
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Quote (Luigifan1115 on May 24 2020, 11:24 AM)
your lack of plurals kills me

What do you mean by that?
May 22 2020, 5:17 AM See Page
I'd like to publicly apologize for my hivemind like attitude due to dealing with a lot of stress lately. I was supposed to make the changes hours ago but I got carried away with a voice chat from the MFGG Discord server. We have come to a conclusion that this is not how the main site should be handled. Even if I dislike this, I should maintain a level headed attitude. If I came here and sees this while not aware of the content, that's not welcoming at all. Anyways the issue has been brought to a conclusion.

You are free to leave a constructive feedback but general harassment is not supped to fly in this community.

I will also edit my review out to make it far less biased by on a more logical standpoint.
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Quote (hdtv on May 19 2020, 6:07 PM)
Does that mean a game’s review average can go above 10 or below 0?

Absolutely. This happened with Mario Minigame Mayhem when someone left a joke review with -350/10 (350 is the reference of the game's author: Mario350).
May 19 2020, 8:45 PM See Page
Quote (Luigifan1115 on May 19 2020, 10:25 AM)
How far down do the GIFs go? All I know is that the one for 0 is bad, and I don't get the one for -2

The lowest is -2 at the moment. There's also 11/10 and other higher numbers I forget.

Here is the only instance of the 11/10 review:¶m=02&c=3&id=31065

Unfortunately that game was removed since it's an April Fools game.
May 19 2020, 2:25 AM See Page
Quote (hdtv on May 18 2020, 11:57 AM)
I didn't know you can vote under 1/10, guess they changed the system for games like these.

This is our way to "downvote it to oblivion" thing like on Reddit dot com.
May 16 2020, 9:18 AM See Page
Remember the times we said each new Hello game is his all time worst? This bring up to the next level. Trust me, if you want to remain sane, don't.

EDIT May 22, 2020: This is not how we should be handling things as staff. I will keep the comments there as it is because mistakes have been made. Anyways, please check my most recent comment on the 2nd page for further details. Any derailment within the comments will no longer be tolerated.
May 13 2020, 4:13 AM See Page
On a side note. I am waiting for someone to finish making up the resources for my fan game. Since I got nothing to do, I decided to torture myself by looking at the main site codes again.

And then I fixed the duplicate like issues.

Feel free to like my posts as much as you want, it will end up as one. I will give you a free art commission if you managed to get more than 1 like.
May 6 2020, 4:34 PM See Page
Quote (KingGeoshiKoopshi64 on May 5 2020, 10:40 PM)
Aug why did I double post this by accident?

Yeah it happens once a while due to delayed network response. The main site software does not have any measures on multiposts. If it happens again, just report your own comment and we'll get that deleted.
May 4 2020, 6:50 AM See Page
I fixed the typo for y'all.
May 3 2020, 3:34 AM See Page
Quote (Saiasha on May 1 2020, 8:37 PM)
i know its a april fools joke but...seriously dude, you most likely dissapointed a lot of people with your s*** game, the game plays like a crappy mobile game, its just so bad, and you like over hyped it so people thought that it would be an actual game but what we actually was sthis piece of s***

Hey man. I hate to do this but rules are rules man:
3.5 - Keep swearing to a minimum. Minor swears are acceptable as long as you don't constantly use it on almost every single comment.

Some of the profanities are censored. I gotcha, I would start dropping the F bombs if I ended up playing junk games. I also personally find this game uninspiring (no offense man, the joke has aged like a moldy cheese at this point). But still, there are places people have to be careful on what they say.

I won't give you any warnings since you're new but yeah, just be careful man.
Apr 25 2020, 11:12 PM See Page
Evan F is correct. In addition, there are unique poses along with the existing poses.

But yeah, if it's just a plain ol recolor. I wouldn't let that fly.
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Quote (Diego C. on Apr 25 2020, 11:04 AM)
The concept of this game is realy nice, but i'm unable to play it with a gamepad even I press Alt+G and I suck using the keyboard, I was wondering how I can do that, please reply me as soon as possible!

Hello rarely reply. But I recommend to use something called JoyToKey (google it).
Apr 23 2020, 8:59 PM See Page
Strangely this should not even happen in the first place. Anyways, I'll check the main site code and fix it later.

EDIT: I have removed all duplicate likes. If you ended up facing duplicate likes, please "Unlike" which usually erase all of your likes and do it again. Be sure to clear your browser cache if this issue occurs.

On a side note: From this point forward, I refuse to touch any of the codes for TCSMS (the main site software). Every time I do something, it throws error 500. I spent couple of infuriating hours just to fix this bug but it is still there.
Apr 18 2020, 8:18 PM See Page
Quote (bowser2k on Apr 18 2020, 11:07 AM)
good game:) new version is coming?

I guess you can't read
Mar 26 2020, 8:54 AM See Page
Quote (CaptainGame17 on Mar 24 2020, 7:00 PM)
My sheet wasn't accepted either and I never got a message back. Is it the same issue DryBones is having?

Have you checked the thumbnail image is exactly 100x100? Does it meet any of the requirements of uploading contents? If you need further help, please send me a message on the forums.
Mar 23 2020, 7:34 PM See Page
Quote (DryBones512 on Mar 23 2020, 8:06 AM)
I've got a small question. On saturday, I wanted to submit some backgrounds. According to the dialog box after I clicked "submit", my submission was sent to queue and that I could view it at the "My Submissions" Tab. Normally, it would show my submission along with (QUEUED), as with other submissions of mine. But this time, it immediately disappeared, but I don't know what happened. It didn't say it was rejected or anything the past two days or appeared anywhere, it was just gone. My last submission was in December. Did anything change with submissions between 2019 and 2020 that I wasn't aware of or anything else?

I don't recall seeing any of your submissions for this year. It could be the upload system acting up. Have you tried to clear the browser cache and see if that helps? If not, contact one of us via forum DM system since the main site messaging system is very limited.
Mar 23 2020, 4:13 AM See Page
Since I was told not to go to work next week (due to the COVID-19 outbreak). So I spent some of my time at home updating the missed submissions mentioned by Q-Nova.
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