Goodbye SilverVortex, and Thank You!!
Apr 15 2022, 5:32 PM

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Today we say goodbye to our awesome main site guy, SilverVortex. He helped us a lot with the queue in a time of need, so all of you kids better say Thank You. He's stepping down now, so let us all wish him the best for his future. Goodbye! Good luck! We love you. <3

I also have all your little submissions here. If you were sitting and waiting like little dogs for your submissions to go through, take a look.

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Apr 15 2022, 5:35 PM
Come disgusting little rats of mfgg. Leave him a goodbye comment! Farewell! Kiss! <33
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Apr 15 2022, 11:07 PM
Goodbye silver-colored mass of whirling fluid or air. I hope your future is great!
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