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Game Reviewed Psycho Waluigi, by Thunder Dragon
Review Author Gato
Created Jul 24 2015, 12:24 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
I should've written a review for this a while back, but here I am now.

Psycho Waluigi is one of those games that takes a huge step forward in presenting innovation for future games to come. From beginning to end, this game delivers an engaging experience that keeps the player hooked for what happens next.
Pros + Excellent level design with a unique setting for each one
+ Entirely new take on enemy designs
+ New and refreshing boss battles
+ Engaging story
Cons - No option for mouse-oriented controls
10 / 10
I am simply amazed by the fact that I was not able to encounter a single bug while completing this game. My favorite level of all was the soap-themed level, which seems to push the limit of polish when it comes to the development of a fangame.
10 / 10
The graphics are not something to complain about. You can clearly tell Thunder Dragon took his time making sure every tile was in place and that the color schemes used were cohesive with the overall feel of each level. He made good use of MFGG's resources, and it shows.
10 / 10
I have to applaud DJ Yoshiman for his contribution. This game would not be the same in terms of quality without the sprinkled flavor of his personal soundtrack.
10 / 10
The unique gameplay of this game will inevitably entail a revisit to Waluigi's subconsciousness. It is impossible to resist the temptation, bros.
Final Words
10 / 10
Simply said, one of MFGG's best games.

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