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Princess Quest Part 1 By: MDragmire [W]
A Retro-style Action RPG starring the Mario Bros and Princess Peach!

Every 25 years, the Mushroom Kingdom throws a quarter-century celebration, called the Jubilee. The last Jubilee was held when the Princess was a child, by her father, the ...
Downloads: 423 Comments: 2 [NEW] Score: 9 / 10
Added: 11/04/21
Yoshi's Fabrication Station (NCFC Update) By: Luigibonus [W]
Yoshi's Fabrication Station is now also available on MFGG!

This project contains a faithful re-creation of the original Yoshi's Island gameplay, and has a level editor that allows you to create your own Yoshi's Island levels. The ...
Downloads: 432 Comments: 1 [NEW] Score: __
Added: 10/27/21
Luigi and the Quest for Nothing 2 (Post-SAGE '21 Demo) By: lu9 [W]
[For Windows, Linux, and any other platform supported by GameMaker Studio 2.3 if you know how 👀)
After the events of Luigi and the Quest for Nothing, Luigi got his precious Nothing stolen from him by a mysterious figure.
Luigi and his new ...
Downloads: 1065 Comments: 3 [NEW] Score: __
Added: 09/22/21
Mario Bash By: VGFanatic64
Mario, Luigi, and Wario were arguing over who is the best character, and suddenly an bunch of Koopa Troopas appear! Will they work together, or will they compete to see who truly is the best? You decide!

This game is 1-3 players. You can ...
Downloads: 35 Comments: 0 Score: __
Added: 09/10/21
Syobon Action Nostalg (2021 DEMO) By: SergioGameMaker
-------------->>>> WARNING: <<<<--------------

------------->>> INFORMATION: ...
Downloads: 1129 Comments: 0 Score: __
Added: 08/23/21
Super Mario: Journey of the Hyper Stars (2.0) By: King Piranha Plant
This game was made in 2006. It's very sloppy and hilariously buggy, but a lost MFGG classic with some childish charm. This is a new extended version!

Worth playing for a laugh at the story/dialogue, which I wrote as a kid and left untouched. ...
Downloads: 900 Comments: 0 Score: 5 / 10
Added: 08/09/21
Heritage - A Dragon's Tale (DEMO) V1.4.3 By: smbmaster99
It was a day like any other in the Skybound Isles when a dark mass arose from the clouds that separated the forgotten and dangerous world below from the home of the dragons above. General Mechos, a powerful military leader of the humans launched an attack ...
Downloads: 300 Comments: 9 [NEW] Score: 10 / 10
Added: 07/28/21
MFGG 20th Anniversary Time Capsule By: MFGG [W]
July 9th, 2021 marks the 20th anniversary of MFGG!

To celebrate this event we have once again compiled 13 previously unreleased fangames into a compilation, all made by MFGG veterans. Some of these are games you probably never have heard of ...
Downloads: 4355 Comments: 15 [NEW] Score: 9.5 / 10
Added: 07/09/21
Touhou ~ Maliciously Chaotic Visitor By: DodonArgustius
A touhou and zelda crossover made for the 3rd MFGG game jam.

Ganon has grown tired of the dark world. He remembers hearing about a realm called "Gensokyo", so he decideds to take a piece of his realm and head to it. Reimu sees this ...
Downloads: 293 Comments: 0 Score: __
Added: 07/05/21
GoombaGotchi By: Mariotroid [E]
You play as a Goomba in a action game where you must collect either one power up or another. Each powerup will provide either a boost to one side of evolution for the goomba, or another side of evolution. You must collect as many of the first chosen ...
Downloads: 555 Comments: 2 [NEW] Score: __
Added: 07/04/21
Rhythm Heaven Superstars By: Swoof
Test your rhythmic abilities with 5 challenging games! Featuring staple Nintendo series like Super Mario, and The Legend of Zelda, this compilation pays tribute to some of gaming's best franchises. Oh, and if you get a Superb rank on all 5 levels, ...
Downloads: 399 Comments: 2 [NEW] Score: __
Added: 06/30/21
Among Bus: Desert Edition By: Roo
Tired of games that end in a flash? Bored of games that simply won't hold your attention? Outraged by the fact that the gaming industry doesn't give a hoot about the massive Among Us/CrazyBus/Desert Bus fandom? Well, have I got the game for you! ...
Downloads: 607 Comments: 2 [NEW] Score: __
Added: 06/30/21
Super Mario Bros. S - Road To Infinity By: superpi2
Run as far as you can in an infinitely-generating level! Collect coins and moons to buy powerups such as the iconic fire flower and ice flower and the custom blade star, and defeat both familiar and custom enemies to earn more time. As you run, you'll ...
Downloads: 4501 Comments: 18 [NEW] Score: 8.3 / 10
Added: 06/25/21
Super Mole Hole By: Swoof
Monty Mole bought a mine to make some profit! Dive in and collect as many gems as you can, but watch out! Collecting a gem causes you to start digging away the floor. Try not to fall in!
Downloads: 344 Comments: 1 [NEW] Score: 10 / 10
Added: 06/18/21
Starwolf By: biebersoft
StarFox's evil alter ego now stars in his own game. Your mission, assassinate the StarFox team. Being evil was never so much fun. Can you find the Black Hole? 1 Player Now StarWolf 99'! Game Bugs fixed and a new level added!

Downloads: 437 Comments: 0 Score: __
Added: 06/17/21
A Nightmare on Sesame Street By: biebersoft
As the title suggests this game brings mayhem to that kids classic, Sesame Street. This one is definitely for all the people out there who grew up with the show. If the constant, continuous, every day exposure to the show and its lovable characters managed ...
Downloads: 337 Comments: 1 [NEW] Score: __
Added: 06/17/21
Final Fantasy X-treme By: biebersoft
You are the only hero who can save the planet! Choose from 8 different soundtracks for the game. Password saves your progress. Big world to explore with action packed battle sequences. 1 player.

ADMIN NOTE: This game requires the use of "CNC ...
Downloads: 348 Comments: 2 [NEW] Score: 3 / 10
Added: 06/17/21
Ode to Zelda By: biebersoft
You are Link, one of the few who have not been tainted by Gannon's evil magics. You must follow your Destiny and save The Princess and take down Gannon and his minions.

ADMIN NOTE: If you want to play the game with a keyboard you need ...
Downloads: 788 Comments: 2 [NEW] Score: __
Added: 06/17/21
Super Mario vs nWo World Tour 2 By: biebersoft
The new Wario order is back! Select from 8 different characters to battle to find out who is the ruler of the Mushroom World! 1 Player game

This is an unfinished demo and the sequel to¶m=02&c=2&id=317 ...
Downloads: 316 Comments: 1 [NEW] Score: __
Added: 06/17/21
Super Mario: Magnum Opus (Demo 2) By: grizzledwarveteran23
Now with three worlds and a new tutorial section!

The Mario Bros. receive a letter from their so-called "third brother". It leads them to a mysterious new villain with ulterior motives. Equipped with a gun, what awaits Mario in his ...
Downloads: 717 Comments: 1 [NEW] Score: __
Added: 06/14/21
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