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[DL] SMW Plastic Semisolids + Scrapyard Tileset By: Theopold
I drew a yellowed grass tileset. Also included semisolids in the form of the SMB3 plastic blocks (also seen in 3D World) in SMW style. I got feedback from the Mario Construct devs this time, too. I'd say I stuck to the SMW style like glue!

Downloads: 1065
Added: 04/03/22
[DL] PM64 style Flopter By: Theopold, OmegaF.
Everyone's favorite... uhhh, I don't know what this is. Some flower-bug-robot thingy, found in train levels. Now in 2.5D!

It's buildable, like puzzle pieces, so you can create your own poses and expressions( though examples are ...
Downloads: 545
Added: 09/04/21
[DL] SMB1 Bouncy House Tileset + BG By: Theopold
Ohoho, it's tileset time! I drew this because everyone else was, again on the Mario Construct Discord. I'm not sure what the night effect will be, which is why I didn't draw one. The BG is meant to be the "turrets" you see in some ...
Downloads: 1117
Added: 07/24/21
[DL] Blokkablok By: Theopold
Wooh, it's been a while! I drew a Blokkablok in the style of SMW. Or, at least I tried to keep it as SMW, but it may look a bit different. I have actually created a "demonstration" animation. But anyway, ...
Downloads: 684
Added: 07/03/21
[DL] Basic Kirby set By: Theopold
A simple Kirby sheet, using only 6 colors and 32 sprites. This is my first spritesheet to include any characters.
- Over 5 different idle angles
- Spinning animation
- Circles
- 2 poses
- Crouching and looking up
- 6 inhaling ...
Downloads: 841
Added: 10/10/20
[DL] Practical Test Tileset By: Theopold
A practical super-tileset designed for every test room in both SMW and SMBX, inspired by SuperSledgeBro and partially Sonickade. This tileset uses 12 colors and 100 tiles, each of which is 16x16. The BG is meant to be pitch-black.

The tileset ...
Downloads: 952
Added: 10/09/20
[DL] SMW Expanded Pipes By: Theopold, VIIPER
The Pipes from Super Mario World, upgraded to a nearly full mega-tileset! Includes:
- Semi-Solid Objects
- Multiple kinds of elbow joints
- The T-joints from SMB
- Pipe blocks, corks, and connectors
- 2 Pipe mini-tilesets
Downloads: 2211
Added: 09/01/20
[DL] Mega Tileset V1 By: Theopold
There are 15 SMB tilesets in this submission, and 1 SMW tileset. 3 SMB tilesets are unfinished. Of the 12 full tilesets, there are Mountain, Volcano( nighttime Mountain), Beach, Tower, Desert Cave, Stormy Sky, Lava Caverns, Tree Tower, Shipwreck ( both ...
Downloads: 1799
Added: 07/14/20
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