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[DL] Super Mario Land 2 Toad Sheet By: 309846GB
The big sprite looks terrible so I'm not posting it.
Downloads: 471
Added: 07/31/21
[DL] Smb1 Mountain tileset (Revamped) By: 309846GB
I've known for a while that it's looked bad but I didn't change it till now.
Downloads: 450
Added: 07/26/21
[DL] Super Mario Odyssey - Police Suit [2D] By: 309846GB
You know, I've had this for a year and just never uploaded it.
Downloads: 449
Added: 07/24/21
[DL] Sml2 Sky Tileset By: 309846GB
Might change more things here too.
Downloads: 673
Added: 03/18/21
[DL] Smb1 Beach Tileset By: 309846GB
Well, I was bored so...
Downloads: 672
Added: 03/12/21
[DL] Beach world map tiles By: 309846GB
A couple of these MIGHT be touched up in the future.
Downloads: 933
Added: 03/10/21
[DL] Smb3 Beach Tileset By: 309846GB
I wonder if the ground tiles should have a slightly lighter colour?
Downloads: 942
Added: 03/07/21
[DL] Smb1 Desert Cave Tileset By: 309846GB
I updated the sheet to entertain the idea of desert tiles looking somewhat alike.
Downloads: 544
Added: 02/22/21
[DL] SMB2 ground tileset By: 309846GB
I know the slopes aren't good but I didn't want to break the three color rule.
Downloads: 763
Added: 02/16/21
[DL] Smb1 Bonus Area tileset (Revamped) By: 309846GB
The original bonus area sheet it here:¶m=02&c=1&id=37275
Downloads: 807
Added: 02/11/21
[DL] Super Mario Land Toad sheet By: 309846GB
Self explanatory
Downloads: 596
Added: 02/07/21
[DL] Smb1 Volcano Tileset By: 309846GB
Nothing to say about it actually.
Downloads: 745
Added: 02/05/21
[DL] Smb1 Mountain Tileset By: 309846GB
Yes I know it's been done a million times but, I want to try it to so...
Downloads: 730
Added: 01/30/21
[DL] Smb1 Smm2 Knuxs. By: 309846GB
Same thing, different character
Downloads: 911
Added: 12/05/20
[DL] Smm2 Smb1 Sonic By: 309846GB
I had an idea for NES sonic but somehow ended up with this.
Downloads: 968
Added: 12/04/20
[DL] Sml2 Airship Tileset By: 309846GB
The semi-solids could be more creative I guess.
Downloads: 904
Added: 07/29/20
[DL] Forward-facing characters By: 309846GB
I made some forward-facing characters
Downloads: 950
Added: 07/12/20
[DL] Smb1 Bonus area Tiles (Night) By: 309846GB
I have no idea what would change though.
Downloads: 727
Added: 07/05/20
[DL] Smb1 Bonus area Tiles By: 309846GB
Yup, bonus area.

Edit: Haha this was way before I knew what I was doing.
Downloads: 754
Added: 07/04/20
[DL] Smb3 Toad world map sprites By: 309846GB
Nothing to really say bout this.
Downloads: 826
Added: 07/03/20
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